My refrigerator and More to Love

My Fridge:

Two friends in the last month have come to stay with me for some period of time and made essentially the same remark upon opening my refrigerator: “wow…. this really makes me feel better about my refrigerator.”

Wow guys, thanks! What are close friends for if not to be honest eh?

The first one made this remark (apparently) in response to the science projects currently hanging out on the back of the top shelf. It’s not that I MEAN to leave left over pasta sauce in a seran-wrap covered cup for a month. It just happens.

The second one made the comment due to the fact that the entire contents of my refrigerator consist of beverages, condiments, and cheese. My freezer is not much better… it consists of approximately 59 boxes of meatless products, a bag of chicken, and ice cream.

Luckily my self esteem is not tied to others’ opinions of my refrigerator. In fact, in case any of you out there need a bit of an ego boost, for your mocking pleasure:

What can I say, I’m a giver. (Yes. I realize they are sideways. I don’t have the energy to fix them. Just tilt your head a lil’).

On a completely unrelated note… anyone out there been watching More to Love? Basically, it’s the bachelor. Except that everyone on the show weighs at least 230 pounds (and the groom-to-be weighs in over 300).

I’m not a big bachelor fan and I’ve only watched these types of shows when there is some gimick that I think I might want to mock (Anyone remember Joe Millionaire? Or Outback Jack?). This show I was just kind of appalled at… thinking it was going to be a bunch of thinly veiled fat-bashing. Surprisingly it’s handled the weight thing somewhat well I think.. focusing more on the struggles overweight people have in dating (whether they be mental or physical… Mr. man just BROKE a bike. sucks dude). And yet, I still hate this show (but not enough that I’m not sitting here watching it. Weird how that works). So why do I hate this show? Let me count the ways:

1) DUDE. Stop kissing every girl every episode. From day 1 the guy was soliciting kisses from every girl he could and its grossing me out. $20 says everyone in the house has mouth herpes by the end of the show.
2) Girls, I get it. You’ve had it rough dating-wise. But have a little self respect. Do not cry in front of this man. And for godsake do NOT tell him that you have never in your life been on a date. 47 times. (wo)man up and fake it.
3) Do not cry when you see him with other girls, you are on a dating show idiot.
4) Do not bad-mouth other girls to him, it makes you look like a bitch.
5) Do not spend the time you do have with him complaining about how you don’t get to see him enough. No one likes a whiner.
6) Really? REALLY? You’re SOOOO in love with him after 2 weeks? Puh-lease.
7) Even if you are… consider your audience. How do you EXPECT the other 6 girls sitting around you to act when you’re gushing on about how much you love him. It makes for awkward tv.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the commercial is almost over and I need to get back to my show. 🙂


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