1. Do you ever go to someone’s facebook page and get irrationally upset when it doesn’t provide you the information you were looking for? Like… Obviously when you got my friend invite you had to realize that we were not in fact “friends” and the only purpose of my friending was e-stalk you a little bit. So what is the point of accepting if you provide me with NO dirt?

2. Pharmacies suck. Today I took in two prescriptions. One for eczema (dry patches of skin) and one lotiony one supposed to prevent cracked heels (i am hott). The derm told me to get the name brand of the second one if it wasn’t too $$. So I take the prescriptions and ask the girl for the prices. Ten minutes later. No really. TEN MINUTES LATER she finally is able to tell me: the name brand is $160 (292 if i didn’t have insurance) and the generic is $65 (90 if i didn’t have insurance). what the hell?! For LOTION? Ummm no. So I said okay how much is the first one? Another 5 minutes later, she tells me $6. I can do that. She tells me 25 minutes.

So I’m stuck in the grocery. Starving. Waiting. I buy crap, of course. Go back 25 minutes later, they get the prescription from the little drawer and then realize, oops. They gave me the cream rather than the lotion. Ten minutes later (no really, ten!) they bring me the lotion– $36! Why is it 6x more? “i don’t know.” f that man. I’m calling my doc tomorrow and asking for the cream.

3. What the hell are these things? took the pics a few weeks ago and no one has answered my question.


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