Sounds like Life to me…

Hey I’ve got a blog… weird. I’ve been distracted.

Anyways… heard a song today I really like. Which doesn’t happen all that often because I’m not a huge music person, but I’ve been listening to a lot of country lately and I really liked the lyrics to it… “Sounds like life to me” by Darryl Worley. I won’t post all of the lyrics here, but here is the gist:

Woman calls a guy to go bring her husband (his friend) home from a bar because he’s fallen off the wagon. The husband complains to the friend about all the crappy stuff in his life, the dryer being broken, his not getting much work, etc. His friend replies: Sounds like life to me. The husband gets upset and says no you don’t understand, add to all that, my wife is pregnant again. Friend tells the bartender to set up a round to celebrate.

I just love this song! I feel like it speaks to my philosophy on life really well. We all get dealt certain cards and we’ve got to deal. I got dealt mostly good cards, I think, but for the stuff I’m not so happy about? I deal! I can’t stand whining (which for the record is not the same thing as bitching… I might bitch but it is for venting purposes only! not for oh-poor-me purposes!).

Sometimes I come off as a bit apathetic to friends and family, I know. But my well-spoken rule is: no whining unless you’re trying to change your situation. Don’t tell me how horrible your job is if you aren’t applying for others. Don’t complain about being single if you’re not actively seeking a mate. It is just counter-productive!

After all, don’t the crappy parts of life just make the not crappy parts seem that much better? πŸ™‚

Also– A decidedly NOT crappy thing that happened last week, I won my first jury trial! One year and 1 week (exactly) as a lawyer before I started my first jury trial. I wasn’t primary counsel, but I did get to examine 3 lay witnesses on direct and 1 lay witness on cross. That might not sound like much but it is HUGE for an attorney in a civil firm at barely 1 year out. Usually attorneys in civil litigation firms are stuck in a back room doing document review for at least 3 years before they meet a client. Add to that– we won!! We didn’t get as high a damages award as we would have liked, but we won on all but 1 of our counts and that is pretty freakin awesome!


2 thoughts on “Sounds like Life to me…

  1. 1) I completely agree with you on the whining thing. And I’m guilty of it, too, but trying to stop. lol

    2) Super-duper congrats on winning your jury trial! Yay, go you! πŸ™‚

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