I am crafty

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before… but I am a crafty girl. My grandma is a seamstress and she taught us all to sew before we could write our own names. I wonder how one becomes a professional seamstress nowadays? It isn’t a job you usually hear people in their 20s having.


I don’t limit my crafting to sewing, but it is probably what I do most of because it is relatively easy and so useful. I love that I can make things cheaper than I can buy them, and it is fun to take a piece of fabric and turn it into something cool.

My latest project was super easy. I had these pillows that came with my couch and they were just never quite right.

I didn’t mind the red theme… but they were just… bleh. Right?

So I headed to the fabric store and picked up a couple of different fabrics. I decided to just do removable pillow covers.. they’re easy and easy to take off to wash when they get dog-hairy. Also, if I get tired of these pillows in a year I can just make new covers, no big deal. Here’s the close-up of the new pillows:

Stew approves. And now the whole couch:

Next up? I have two quilts sketched up with fabric bought and ready to go!


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