Yea ummm I’m a little excited. As I mentioned before, B and I will be going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for my 25th birthday. After months and months of waiting (we booked in May!), it is finally almost here! We leave Friday and I’m practically bouncing off the walls!

This is our resort:
pv beach

All ocean-view rooms… all inclusive… and a-mazing. One of the things I’m most excited about is the pool:
pv pool

I was never much of a lay-by-the-pool kind of girl… until we went to Vegas last summer. It was soooo hot (Vegas in August. Yep). It just felt awesome to lay out all morning reading a book with intermittent dips in the pool. And this time will be even better because the drinks will be free! (loved the pool at Treasure Island… did not love the $9 daiquiris)

Another thing I’m really excited for is all the photo opportunities. PV is supposed to be absolutely beautiful, and I’m so happy it is on the Pacific coast! That means opportunities for incredible sunset photos like this:
pv sunset

I’m a liiiiiitle worried about two things. First, B is not a reader. We talked about this when we were deciding on vacation and I asked him what he would do at a resort all week if he didn’t read. He has assured me about 1000 times that he’ll be fine… but I worry that he will be bored! Me? I could sit by the pool for a month solid reading, but what do people do if they don’t enjoy reading? I’ll report back after vacation I guess! Second thing is that he is home sick today! It isn’t horrible, but he’s been kind of sick-ish on and off for a few weeks. We got him some echinacea and emergen-c + nyquil. He is on serious fluids, soup, and napping. Fingers crossed for us staying healthy over the next two weeks!

I’m sure the trip will be great. We don’t really have anything planned for the trip, we’re on the “no plan” plan. I know that at some point we’re going to try to go out snorkeling, and we want to do one other “excursion.” I wanted to do the zip-lines but B is unsure about heights and I don’t care enough to push. I’m thinking maybe horseback riding? Or ATVing? Who knows. Also, my birthday will be during the trip and I’m hoping to get a facial and massage that day. I haven’t brought it up to B too much because I’m not sure if he has anything planned, but if he doesn’t have a plan I’m taking myself to the spa!

Probably the most exciting thing will just be getting to hang with B for a whole week! Since we started dating he has been working full time, so we never have gotten to spend THAT much time together. We have done weekends away and we did go to Vegas for a week, but it was with two of my friends and we only took one “date night.” Even if it rains, even if he’s sick, regardless of what happens, it will be so great to just get to hang out with him for a whole week. Sigh… can it be Friday now? Preferably Friday afternoon so I can be all checked into the hotel and done with traveling. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Vacationnnnnnnnnn

  1. Yay for birthday, yay for vacation, yay for lounging by the pool, yay for gorgeous, romantic sunsets with B! I hope you have a wonderful time and that B feels better pronto! ๐Ÿ™‚

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