Back from Mexico a little bit Bling-ier… :)

Let me just start by saying… I’m engaged!!!!!

But I should probably start from the beginning. Our flight to Mexico was relatively uneventful and we made it to the resort about 4:30pm. We were starving so we ordered some room service and settled into our (upgraded!) room. We had a balcony that looked right out on the ocean, and the view was just incredible.

And the food? Delish!

We decided to take a walk up and down the beach to check things out and get a feel for the resort. While on our walk, we saw two weddings in progress. There is really no better view for a wedding… although I don’t know if I would like people like us walking around and seeing their wedding in progress! Didn’t stop me from taking a picture though, of course.

Soon after, we saw a group of people gathering and we decided to check out the festivities. Turned out that our resort was part of a Sea Turtle Conservation program. They protect the sea turtle nests, and when the babies hatch they collect them to check them for health and keep stats on them, then release each day’s hatchings every night at sunset. They do a little educational speech, teach you how to handle them appropriately, then let you release them yourselves into the ocean! At first I was a little freaked out because they look kind of gross in the cooler.

But it turns out that once you get them individually, they are really very cute

We also found someone on the beach who knew how to work my dslr camera– rare! We took the opportunity to get a photo of the two of us that wasn’t an awkward hold-the-camera-out photo or a self-timed photo from a too-short table. yay!
us sunset

I wanted to go back to the room to wash my hands, and we said we’d head to the latin festival right after. Well, after I was done washing up a bit, B said that he didn’t feel so good and that he wanted to take a walk on the beach before we went to the festival. We had seen a really pretty cove at the farthest north part of the beach but hadn’t been able to go there earlier because the wedding people were there getting their photos done. We decided to take a walk down there to check it out. This has since been dubbed (by me) as Engagement Cove.
engagement cove

Turns out, it was really pretty down there. I was down near the surf and B was up closer to the rocks. He told me I should come up there but I was freaked out because there was a weird noise– I thought there was going to be a bug or a lizard or something that he wanted me to look at! He kept insisting and I kept resisting until he finally told me something along the lines of “Oh my god its just water running down the rock onto the sand there are no bugs I promise now get up here” hahaha. He was right. No bugs. 🙂

The details are slightly fuzzy because I finally had caught on to what was happening, but I know that there were very nice things said, there was B on his knee, a ring that was almost dropped in the sand, and lots of kissing. Us right after I said yes… albeit a bit fuzzy because my camera was having a hard time metering in the dark cove… but I still love the looks on our faces.

Also on the list of things I love, of course, my ring!! It is a cushion cut solitaire in a platinum pave band, and it is PERFECT. I am totally in love with cushion cut rings and B did a fantastic job (with a little help from a friend) of picking out a great ring.

I haven’t had much time to get creative shots of it… but one afternoon I did decide to try some pics of it on top of a Christmas ornament we had bought in town. About 4 seconds after I snapped this pic, B realized what I was doing and started freaking out about the ring falling off the balcony. Despite the fact that I was like 3 feet from the edge of the balcony and I was taking photos of a ring, not a bouncy ball. He did not care that I needed natural light and put the kaibosh (sp?) on the photo taking… oh well heh. I will just have to pick this project up later when he isn’t around 🙂 The last pic snapped before B caught on to what I was doing on the balcony:
ring ornament

So ummmm yep! I’m engaged!! I have lots more to say about Mexico, LOTS more pictures, and a few pre-engagement posts that I have saved ready to post. For now, though, I will leave you with the view from the spot that B proposed… in a word… PERFECT.
engagement point


4 thoughts on “Back from Mexico a little bit Bling-ier… :)

  1. Holy Cow, what an amazing ring!!! (And the engagement story isn’t too shabby either! lol)

    Super duper congratulations, girlie! Now you get to plan! I’m so excited for you!!!

  2. What a great place to get engaged! The ring is absolutely beautiful–congrats! I’m sure you’re incredibly excited! Let the wedding planning beging 🙂

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