Mexico Recap… also known as… The Sunset Album

So as may be surmised from my last post…. Mexico rocked. Hardcore. It was the first vacation in a LONG time where I did a whole lot of nothing. Usually I feel like if I’m going to take the time and expense of doing a vacation, I want it to be cultural… I want to see historical sights and do museums and so on.

Not this time. I’ve been working full time for a year… for the first time in my life. I was ready to just reeeeelax. There was no better place than a resort on the Pacific coast in Mexico…. our hotel:

As I said in my last post, when we checked in to the hotel, they upgraded us to a room with a balcony. I may now be ruined for rooms without balconies! The balcony was really key to us because after a few hours on the beach we (and by we… I mostly mean B) were done with the “beach.” It was kind of hot, there was a legitimate concern about sunburn (we’re both so white), and really B was a little bored even if he wouldn’t admit to it. Having a balcony made being in the room almost as nice as the beach for me because I could go back with B and while he relaxed in the AC watching tv, I could read on the balcony! With our view… I really might as well have been sitting on the beach. This shot is from standing on the balcony.

Plus… although the views from the breakfast buffet were great….

When you can have this delivered right to your room with our view? No contest. Our typical breakfast was strawberry yogurt with granola (for me), chef’s special (for B), and fruit and baked goods to share. MMmmm….

Although our resort had lots of activities every day… we only partook in a few. We started salsa lessons by the pool but got rained out… thank GOD because wow were we bad! We watched Kung Fu Panda in the kid’s camp. We attended Casino Night (I totally would have won if it hadn’t been for B… sabotage I tell you!!). The best thing we did though was tennis lessons. We were the only two that showed up… so we got an hour long private tennis lesson! It was so much fun because I have never really played before and I was soooooooo bad. In just an hour I was able to learn a lot and was actually able to hit the ball and put it where it was supposed to go… kind of. A lot better than I was at the start of the hour anyways!

Other than that…. we spent a LOT of time right here… our own private palapa on the beach. Okay it wasn’t really “ours” per se… but the resort was empty enough that every time we wanted a spot in the shade we had no trouble finding one right about here.

We also did an excursion on my birthday… but that is a post for another day! For today… I will simply leave you with some more pictures of the sunsets. Of all the many MANY photos I took on vacation… more than half were the sunsets. They were so beautiful I just couldn’t resist snapping away.







2 thoughts on “Mexico Recap… also known as… The Sunset Album

  1. Amazing pictures!!! It’s awesome that you finally got a chance to just chill out and enjoy the view. I’m very happy for you! 🙂

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