*bounce bounce*

So I’m writing this today… August 20, 2009. But I’m not posting it yet! Why am I not posting it? Well I have come into certain information that should not be widely published due to the fact that B may read my blog. (He knows the name of it, I’ve showed it to him on occasion, although I really don’t think he checks it ever. But he might).

So what info do I have? Well, I think B is getting ready to propose! There are a variety of things that lead me to believe this, but obviously I don’t want him to know that I’m onto him! I’m writing this tonight because I have a lot of pent up excitement/energy and it’s just gotta go somewhere! But, i will not post it until after things are official. My prediction (let’s see if this comes true when I publish this later) is that it will be during our vacation in late October, maybe on my birthday? If I were him, that is when I would do it. What better time to propose than on a beautiful romantic vacation on your girl’s 25th birthday? But I so hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m way, WAY off.

Why? Because I might actually die from impatience before then! You know that movie When Harry Met Sally? Yea you do… at the end Harry goes and finds Sally right at midnight on NYE to tell her that he loves her and she says its only because its NYE and he’s lonely and he says something to the effect of “and it’s not because i’m lonely, and it’s not because its new years eve. it’s because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Yep. I’m not sure when I had that realization. It wasn’t like some light bulb moment or anything. We’ve been together for about 2.5 years and we’ve taken things pretty slow. We both got out of serious relationships right before we met and we didn’t come together in a marriage mode. We just hung out and had fun together for a long time. And then some time this spring I just realized that every time he went home I wanted him to come back. Like, now. I didn’t just love him, I couldn’t see not loving him forever. I think I finally saw what was there all along, but I couldn’t really appreciate while I was so crazy busy in school, starting a new job, etc. As soon as I felt settled and happy as a person alone, I suddenly didn’t need or want to be alone anymore!

So that’s my story. And now (I think) he’s shopping. And me? Bouncing off the freakin’ walls while trying so hard not to let him know I’m onto him. I’ve been surfing wedding blogs and wedding ideas. I started an “ideas” document where I copy and paste url’s for cool things I find. So weird because I have NEVER been a “wedding” person. But now I can’t get it off my mind and 24/7 I keep thinking, “come ON already let’s get this show on the road and get engaged so we can be married ASAP!”

Not to mention the obvious curiousity: What ring will he get me?? I might not be a wedding person but I am DEFINITELY a jewelry person. Not so much rings, earrings are usually my thing, but I’m so excited for my ring for so many reasons. I’m excited to own something so beautiful, but also to see what he picks out! Once upon a time (maybe a year or more ago?) I suggested to him that we go shopping together for rings NOT (i made clear) because I was at all ready to get married, but because we might possibly get married some day and if that was the case he might want to know what kinds of rings I like without having to ask. He said NO. haha. He thinks it takes the romanticism out of it or something.

Over our time together it has come up and I’ve given him some preferences. I prefer solitaires to 3-stones. I prefer thinner bands to thick. I prefer a more unusual shape (like cushion, asscher, or radiant) to round or princess. And my only absolute requirement: No heart-shaped diamonds. Why on earth would anyone take a beautiful rock and cut it into a hallmark symbol? Oy. So he definitely has a few guidelines but the possibilities within those preferences are really endless. I can’t wait!

So until the time comes (when will the time ever come? Honestly every day feels a week long), I bounce. I am practically vibrating with excited energy and I can’t help it. bounce bounce bounce!
Obviously… I wrote that post a few months ago… and? I was right! This was one of two posts I wrote pre-engagement that I”ll be posting. So glad to be done **waiting**


2 thoughts on “*bounce bounce*

  1. Don’t forget to research the popular metals that are available for wedding ring sets and wedding bands in general – platinum, palladium, gold, tungsten and titanium – before you make a purchase. After all, the jewelry industry’s best customer is an educated one.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will probably get platinum for a band because my e-ring is platinum and I want them to match. When I asked B what kind of band he wanted he said “cheap.” heh. We’ll have to do a bit of shopping 🙂

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