Still waiting… so again I write!

I’m writing the second, and hopefully last post that I can’t publish until after he’s “popped the question.” It is October 5, and I can’t believe I’ve made it this far without exploding from the excitement of it all!

In the month+ since I wrote my last pre-engagement post, I think I’ve calmed down a bit. Kind of. I’m a bit more able to focus on other things, and a bit less…. bouncy? heh. I still think about it every day and I still can’t stand the waiting, but I guess I’m accustomed to the waiting.

It all got a bit more real a few days ago though.. on October 1. I realized that in all likelihood…. I will be engaged THIS month. In a matter of weeks. When making plans with a friend for November I realized that… I will probably get to show him my new ring! When I saw my parents this weekend, I thought of the next time I’ll see them the weekend after my birthday, and if I’ll get to tell them how he did it. I thought of this coming Thanksgiving seeing my family, and Christmas. How exciting!! It is REALLY going to happen. And SOON.

We leave for vacation in two and a half weeks (or 2 weeks, 3 days 11 hours, if you’d like to get specific about it), and I just can’t wait. I’m looking forward to the sun, the sand, the serenity. I’m looking forward to giving up the computer for a whole WEEK (crazy, right?). I’m looking forward to a week of nothing but fun and sun with my guy. But most of all I’m looking forward to leaving the country single and returning ENGAGED.

I still have some small hope that he won’t make me wait until my birthday… but only time will tell. I am so worried about him trying to get the ring to Mexico and keep it safe for 4 days before my birthday. I’m also worried that he’ll be so nervous about the impending “moment” that he won’t fully enjoy the first half of our vacation! I think it would be perfect if he proposed before we left so the trip would be in celebration and so I could be put out of my waiting misery! heh.

I also have a fear that I’m wrong and he won’t do it on my birthday and will make me wait even longer! I can’t lie… I will be a bit disappointed if the trip ends and my left ring finger remains naked. But, regardless, I know it will happen soon and until then…… I wait!

so glad that I was right! This is the second (and last) post that I wrote while “waiting.” We’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. 🙂


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