So far the best thing about being engaged? The Calm. There was so much anxiety in the time leading up to the proposal… as you can see from my posts below. When will he do it, how will he do it, how will our families react, how will we set a budget, etc etc.

But now I know the answers! He did it, it’s done, we’re engaged! And now I know for sure we’re getting married, I know when (approximately January 2011), we’ve set an approximate budget. I feel like everything is as it should be. And really… the transition from girlfriend to fiance has not been as weird as I thought. It was a LITTLE weird the first time I called him my fiance (and I still hate the word, doesn’t it sound… fru-fru?), but other than that it has been a natural transition.

We’re two weeks in and I’ve only had one minor freakout (budget… that was expected… and to be blogged about later). I think wedding planning will be fun, but honestly I’m looking forward to the BEING married more than the GETTING married. Hopefully I can just take my time and enjoy every step of the process.


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