Things I never cared about before I got engaged… part 1

1. Chairs

Let’s think back a few months. If you had asked me…. what kind of chairs do you like? I would have said ummmm comfortable ones?

This is the answer of a non-engaged person. Or a man.

See… most venues come standard with ugly chairs. I think they do this on purpose because they know that as a bride, you don’t want your wedding to look like a school assembly. Behold… the standard Ugly Chair:

Of course… for the low low price of anywhere from $4-8 per chair, you can rent chair covers for the night. They look really nice and definitely have that “wedding” feel… but with 100 guests an extra $400-800 for totally non-essential chair covers is just not going to cut it.

And then there are the coveted Chiavari chairs… which I had never heard of or seen until I entered wedding blog-land. Apparently these are a hot item which go for anywhere between $10-15 per chair… to RENT for your wedding. Beautiful? yes. Going to happen? Sooo not.

We did see one venue that came with chiavari chairs standard… but the food is super expensive there so it probably wasn’t meant to be. In the end we’ll most likely end up with the Ugly Chairs and I won’t even notice on the day-of…. but I kind of hate wedding-land a little bit for showing me what I’m missing!

2. Flowers
I am sooooo not a flower girl. I always thought my mom was silly for spending so much time gardening when I was little. When B got me a big beautiful bouquet around our 6 month mark I scolded him for spending wayyyyyy too much on something that I could enjoy for mere days before they died. I told him if he wanted to get me flowers in the future, I would much appreciate some wild flowers (or better yet, a flowering plant) from the grocery store. Same thought, lower price.

So I thought flowers for my wedding would be easy… I’d get silk flowers and make my own bouquet a few months prior! Easy peasy… I’d get exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the price and who the heck cares?! My mother. She gasped audibly when I told her my plan and explained that silk flowers were soo….. tacky! I was unaware.

I still hope that I can buy flowers for cheap and DIY my own bouquet but my mom is being skeptical and wants me to just go to a florist. And I almost hate to admit it but in doing some research on how to DIY my own bouquet… I actually found some flowers I kind of love.

The ever-popular but wayyyyyyy too expensive peonies:

The less expensive and just as pretty (maybe prettier?) garden roses:

And the ones that I can’t pronounce, ranunculus:

Sigh… another expensive thing I now love due to the wedding. Stay tuned… I have a feeling this post will be ongoing for the next 15(ish) months!


5 thoughts on “Things I never cared about before I got engaged… part 1

  1. A couple thoughts:

    1. We had the ugly chairs because covers were totally not in our budget. I didn’t notice, and no one came up to me and said that the wedding was ruined because of the ugly chairs. People are there to eat and dance. Hopefully they won’t be sitting around too much anyway!

    2. I had the *gasp* tacky silk flowers for our wedding. We bought real boutonniers for the groomsmen, groom and dads, and real corsages for the moms, but my flowers and my bridesmaids flowers were handmade by me and the MOH. I think there are pics on my blog. They turned out great. We even have a close up picture of our rings in one of the BM bouquets, and it is beautiful.

    3. It sounds funny, but you can get the same look of those flowers that you love by using Carnations, believe it or not. I have seen pictures of some AMAZING all-Carnation bouquets. They look beautiful and fluffy and full, very similar to those (more expensive) flowers. Might be worth looking into.

    4. Always try to keep a level head and remember that the chairs, the flowers, what is “tacky”, or “appropriate”, or “right”…it all doesn’t matter in the end. All that matters is that you end up married to the man of your dreams. The rest is all secondary. 🙂

  2. Brad works for an event planning company, so through osmosis, I know all about this “hidden extras” of weddings (which is why I think we’ll be eloping). LOVE LOVE LOVE peonies though. My only piece of advice would be to remember that even though everyone else in the world (relatives, firends) tries to make the wedding about them, it’s really about you and your guy and the commitment you’re celebrating, not what they think you should do or have on that day. The happiest brides I’ve seen are the ones who do what they want regardless of what everyone else says.

  3. @Mrs. B- You are totally right. About everything 🙂 There will be more posts on it later I’m sure but there have already been some budget melt-downs… mostly between my frugal self who agrees with everything you say and my mother who is more romantic than practical. I have seen a ton of weddings online with silk flowers and not only do I think the flowers look beautiful… I think it would be so much FUN to get to make my own! And to keep it forever and not have it die in a few days. I think it is a losing battle though honestly… I know it’s *my* wedding but I don’t want something that is supposed to be about love to end up hurting my relationship with my mother. Real flowers are VERY important to her. Sigh.

    @Angela- I wish I could just go forward and do everything my way but the reality is that I have a somewhat unique relationship with my mom and the planning really needs to take into account her feelings. Even feelings about flowers 🙂

  4. Ahhh that garden rose picture is one of my faves! it was on an inspiration board and I had that vase, so I kept telling myself I needed garden roses. Now that I’m getting married in december… no dice!

    Also, have you considered renting chair covers online? A lot of them go for about $2 instead of 4+. Good luck!

  5. Oh those chairs! Our venue has ugly chairs so we have to do the whole chair cover thing to! As much as the man doesn’t want to-but he’s a man-he doesn’t get it 😉

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