I’m alive!

Just very, very busy. A whole lot of life happened all at once and blogging, like dieting, seems ever more insurmountable the longer you wait to do it. When you blog daily you can talk about breakfast. You wait a few weeks and you feel like you had better have something monumental to say!

Most pressing in my life at the moment: Venue Searching and Budget Making and House Buying… each of which really deserves a post (or eight) of its own. But… B and I are headed to Michigan tonight to see his dad and step mom for Christmas #1 this weekend (assuming, that is, that he ever gets off of work!!), so I really don’t have time to write 24 posts.

So I’ll say this, for now about Venue Searching:
It sucks.

And about Budget Making:
Also sucks.

(no worries… I have the utmost confidence that once venue, date, and budget are set the rest of the process will be much more fun!)

And about House Buying:
Does not suck! We found a house we LOVE and we hope to put an offer in next week. Keep your fingers crossed out there in blogland that we get it!!


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