The “easier search”: Pt. 3

We’re half way done.. on part 3 of 4… and it occurs to me that I probably could have summarized the whole search in about one sentence: We looked at a thousand places, changed our mind a million times, second guessed ourselves a billions, and finally bought a house.

But that would make me a pretty crappy blogger… so here we go.

When we left off we had an appointment on Tuesday to see House #9 and we had put a hold on a lot in a different community to build House #7— both of which are the same house by the way.

Tuesday came and we went to the house. We looked around and deemed the back yard unforgivably small. When we got in the car to leave, a funny thing happened… B suddenly became worried that it was too small. We’d walked through the model twice and he’d seen photos of this house before… but in a real house with real people and real furniture (as opposed to the scantily furnished model)…. he worried about the size. Perhaps… he said… we should revisit the idea of house #8. But its too big, I protested! But he suggested we just consider it. I said okay… we could go look at both again on Thursday (which if you’re counting… is TODAY).

On Wednesday I emailed to see if a deeper lot was available to build house #8 on… recall that we were not okay with the standard lot size and would not build if we couldn’t get a lot that was at least 10 feet deeper than the others. No, came the answer… no lot that was deeper and would accommodate this home.

Hmm… I thought at first. I guess that is that and we sign the papers to build house #7 on Sunday! But then I noticed the “inventory homes” on the website and asked for details. Turns out these are homes that are almost built but are not spoken for. There were two of house #8 on deeper lots that we could choose from.

Upside of inventory home: Serious discounts.
Downside of inventory home: we don’t get to pick the stuff in the house!

We went to look at the two homes tonight and we were pleasantly surprised! One of the homes we looked at was…. perfect. Okay… not PERFECT. They installed vinyl flooring throughout the entry/kitchen/bathrooms… why?!? Very disappointing… but it won’t be too hard to install hardwood ourselves after we move in. Other than that? I love it! The cabinets and counter in the kitchen was gorgeous! It is 4 bed, 2.5 bath with a lower level “man cave.” Best of all… its almost 2600 square feet and even AFTER we pay to have hardwood installed it will come out cheaper than building the 1900 square foot house! Talk about the deal of the century!

So where are we now? We’ve talked with our realtor and she is preparing paperwork for us to put in an offer tomorrow! We have an appointment on Sunday to sign papers on the house… so really we just have a few days of negotiation to see what the bottom line will be. I hate to say it is 100% because nothing is set until the papers are signed… but we are cautiously optimistic that we have found our new house!!!!! Tune in on Sunday to hear the (hopefully happy!) conclusion of how we found our perfect house for an incredible price in under THREE WEEKS from start to finish. Eek!!

And because there have been way too many words and not enough photos lately, the front of our (hopefully!) new house:


4 thoughts on “The “easier search”: Pt. 3

  1. Congrats! That’s awesome. I hear homeownership is wonderful—one of my own goals for next year 🙂

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