The “easier” search: pt. 4 (The exciting conclusion!)

Yesterday we put an offer in on the house. We heard from my parents and also from our realtor that even on new build/inventory homes… there is generally room for negotiation. We offered 10K less than the asking price and asked them to add a stamped concrete patio to the back of the house.

At around 4pm I received an email back from the sales agent telling me, essentially, that M/I does not negotiate on the prices of their homes because they are already priced to move. She said their asking price was their final offer and they would put on a patio– at our cost. I was also told that until we put a deposit on the house it was still on the market and she suggested I get a deposit in last night before her assistant went home– at 5:30. Now… I will agree that the asking price was already pretty fantastic, but come ON. I thought they should have moved a little bit as a sign of good faith to get the deal done.

After a flurry of calls between me, B, and our realtor… we decided that they really weren’t playing ball and that we really did think the house was priced well to start. So I replied to her email: We’ll pay asking price if you put in a patio at no cost… answer in the next 45 minutes and i’ll have time to get the deposit in and get this done TONIGHT.

It was a loooooong 45 minutes!! I was headed out to get dinner with friends and was planning on dropping the deposit on the way. I’d put on my eyeshadow… check my email. Brush my hair… check my email. Pick a shirt… check my email. You get the idea. It was finally the 0 hour and I checked my email ONE more time before I walked out the door… and… there it was!! A YES. I might have actually screamed.

I made sure I had my checkbook and I raced out the door. I was late dropping the deposit off and late to dinner… but I got the deposit in!! We are signing the papers on Sunday… but the house is OURS!!!

This has been a fast and furious few weeks. On Sunday when we sign the papers it will be exactly 3 weeks from the first time we saw a house. The crazy part is… when I wrote part 1 the house we’d “decided” on wasn’t the house we ended up buying! I guess its a good thing we bought before we had time to change our minds again. Honestly I’m surprised it happened this fast but I think we had a few things working for us. We knew exactly what we wanted, where we wanted, and how much we wanted to pay. More importantly… we were realistic about what was in our price range and what wasn’t. We knew this wasn’t going to be our “dream” home that was perfect in every way. This is our first home and we LOVE it.


2 thoughts on “The “easier” search: pt. 4 (The exciting conclusion!)

  1. Yippie! Yay for you for sticking to your guns and knowing what to ask for and what to give up.

    I’m so excited you’re getting your house! šŸ™‚

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