Snowballs: Oreo Truffles!

I still have lots more to say about house buying and venue searching and budget making… but it’s Christmas time and that means sweets! I got this awesome recipe from my hair stylist yesterday when I got my hair cut… although they sound a lot like a variation on Bakerella’s cake balls (which I tried to make for Easter and failed miserably at, by the way). Using what I learned the last time I tried to make something like this… the results turned out MUCH better this time (although still not as pretty as Bakerella… of course. Let’s get started.

First up… the ingredients. The best thing about this recipe (aside from the oreo-y goodness) is that it doesn’t require a ton of stuff, just three simple ingredients: Oreos, frosting, and almond bark.

My hair stylist told me she made hers with plain oreos and cream cheese. I LOVE mint though so I decided to go with mint oreos. Because I was using mint I thought cream cheese might clash and I used plain vanilla frosting (which is what Bakerella uses for her cake balls). It tastes great. Also– if you have a hard time finding the almond bark (which is just vanilla flavored candy coating) and think you can just use chocolate… don’t. I made that mistake when I tried to make the cake balls at easter and it was a NIGHTMARE. I couldn’t keep the chocolate hot enough to stay melty and cover the balls. It got all clumpy and hard. It made a ginormous mess. I have heard that some people are capable of pulling this off with chocolate and if you are– I’m impressed. But seriously, save yourself the trouble and use bark (it is in the baking section).

First things first, you need to turn the oreos into crumbs. Use a food processor or blender. It’s super important that the oreos are well crushed because if they’re not they’ll be all pokey and sharp when you try to roll them into balls.

I did a few oreos at a time and dumped them all into a big bowl.

Next up, dump a little more than half a can of vanilla frosting (or most of a block of cream cheese) into the bowl.

I started off trying to mix the crumbs and frosting with a spoon because I don’t love getting my hands dirty, but it worked a ton better when I gave up and just squished it all up by hand. (Note: because these will not be baked… it is ESPECIALLY important that you make sure your hands/utensils are super clean). You want to use enough frosting that the crumb mix will stick together, but not so much that the mix is too sticky.

Next up, roll the mix into balls. I started off making ones that were about an inch in diameter because I thought they were cute.

Try to avoid eating any of the oreo balls…. then fail and eat one.

After you get done doing 40 of the balls… realize it is taking you FOREVER and decide to finish the rest of the mix making bigger ones. (or maybe that’s just me)

Stick them in the freezer for an hour and wrap Christmas presents.

Now its time to coat the frozen oreo balls (they’re much harder when they’re frozen, so they’re easier to coat). I can’t believe how much easier this step was using the bark! I got a 1.5 lb package of bark and ended up using 10 of 12 squares.

Chop the bark up a bit so it will melt faster/easier.

Microwave the bark for 60 seconds. Stir. Then microwave it in 15 second intervals, stirring in between, until it is smooth and runny.

Take the oreo balls one at a time and drop in the melted bark.

Use a fork to make sure the whole ball gets covered.

Pick the ball up on a fork and tap it on the edge of the ball to get the extra bark off of the ball.

Scrape off the excess bark on the edge of the bowl.

And slide onto the cookie sheet

Now its time to try one. Soooooo good! (Excuse the fingernails… its been a stressful month and I’m a closet nail biter! eek!)

One great thing about the bark is that it dries super quick and I was able to make a pile o’ snowballs!

Also.. a note: If a package says not to use food coloring that is water based?

Believe it! It turned into a hardened pile of goo. I thought it would be really cute to make the leftover bark red and do a drizzle across the top of the oreo balls. Unfortunately I didn’t believe the packaging and thought a few drops of red food coloring wouldn’t matter. I was wrong.

So there ya have it! Three ingredients, no baking, super yummy mint oreo truffles that look like snowballs!

1 package oreos (any flavor)
1 can frosting (use about 2/3) or block of cream cheese (use 4/5 of the block)
1 package almond bark (I used 5/6 of a 1.5 lb package)

1) Crush oreos into a fine crumb
2) Mix crushed oreos with frosting or cream cheese
3) Form mix into balls and place on wax paper
4) Freeze for at least an hour
5) Chop up almond bark and place in microwave safe bowl
6) Microwave for 1 minute. Stir, then 15 second intervals until smooth
7) Cover balls in bark and place on cookie sheet
8 ) Attempt to not eat all of the snowballs yourself before you get them to your family and friends.

Step 8 may be the most difficult… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Snowballs: Oreo Truffles!

  1. Yummy! I attempted the cake balls for the first time yesterday. They certainly weren’t pretty, but they taste damn good! Yours look super yummy, too!

  2. @Angela- you def should!

    @Anna- OMG mine were such a disaster. They crumbled, the chocolate got clumpy… I was almost in tears by the time I was done haha. I think maybe I didn’t freeze them long enough and the chocolate was just a bad idea. Did you use bark for yours?

  3. Finally I found the perfect Oreo Truffles recipe! I might try this on Friday, but I’m going to use a regular chocolate bar as the ‘coating’ for the truffle. Hope I do this right!

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