Photo Tutorial… why editing is important

Until Spring 2008, I was a die-hard film user. I thought digital photos were cheating… if you can’t get it right in a click you don’t deserve to have nice photos. Then I realized how much money i was wasting in film and how far digital cameras have come! Now I am digital-only and I’ve even given into editing. I still try to get a photo as perfect as possible SOOC (straight out of camera), but I think effects are fun.

Here is a fun (and SO fast) tutorial for macbook users. I do all of my editing right now in the free photo program iphoto. If you have a macbook and you don’t use iphoto effects, you are really missing out!! See what I can do with one photo in less than 60 seconds each.


It’s okay. I like the composition, I like the pose… but there is nothing special about it. Let’s crop a little (click edit, crop, and drag the box around the section you want to keep, then click “apply”)


Better. It is more centered and there is nothing in the photo except my subjects (who, by the way, are my brother and his fiance during the engagement shoot I did for them last month)

Now, let’s just make the photo pop a bit:

Edit > Effects > Boost Color > Edge blur, then Adjust > pull the exposure bar up just a tiny bit — that is it!! 30 seconds and the photo is so much better.

What if we want it to look antiquey and romantic:

(starting from original) Edit > Effects > Antique > Fade, then Adjust > pull up the exposure bar a tiny bit.

Or what if we want it to look REALLY old:

(starting from original) Edit > Effects > Sepia > Fade > Fade, then Adjust > pull up the exposure bar a tiny bit

One photo five ways in less than five minutes. Give it a try with your Christmas photos and see what you can come up with!


2 thoughts on “Photo Tutorial… why editing is important

  1. Thanks for this really easy to use tutorial. I know so many people who are afraid to edit photos. I’ll be sending my edit-phobic friends here to get started.

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