Why it’s worth it…

Finding a house was…. a whirlwind. It wasn’t hard, exactly, just crazy, busy, fast, and a little unsettling (to be making such a huge decision so fast!). The what-comes-after-finding-a-house has been a bit of a nightmare. There was the patio debacle. There was me having to lay the smack down on the financing chick (yet unblogged… but it will be after the holidays). Getting from contract to closing is a lot harder than I thought it would be, in all honesty.

But it is going to be so, sooo worth it. I went to see my (future) house again this weekend to take some measurements, and there are so many reasons I love it.

Vaulted great room with lots of windows

The fireplace with a mantel! (you can’t really see that it has a mantel because of the angle, but it does.)

The ginormous man-cave (this is really for B… but he’s so excited about it!)

The tub… how long its been since I took a bath!! I have a thing about sitting naked in a tub that anyone outside my family has owned… there just is no amount of bleach that makes it ok to me. I’m weird. Yay for a new tub!

The dark dark cabinets… I love dark wood

And the fact that it is GREEN… an actual color! Pretty much every other house we looked at was tan. My car is tan. My last car was tan. I need a little color in my life, immediately.

These are the photos that keep me cheerful about the whole process when I’m fighting with stupid people. I’ve just accepted that the month between contract and closing? Sucks a bit. And moving? Going to suck more. But once we are moved we are staying put for a LONG time and I love my new house!!


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