Happy New Years Eve!

I always kind of sucked at new years resolutions… but last year I really wanted to be different. So instead of the very general resolutions I always make like “get healthy” or “save money” I decided to make specific goals. Overall, I’d give myself a B. Let’s see how I did.

Resolution #1: 90 minutes of cardio every week
– I did pretty good at this for the first 8 months of the year. Especially after I started running in April, until the 5k in August… I kind of rocked. Of course, Since the 5k in August I’ve probably run less than 10 times…. not sure what is up with that.

Resolution #2: Eat more produce and less fried things
– Once again, I did pretty well at this for about 9-10 months. I was cooking at least once a week, grocery shopping almost every week, and I was generally consuming a lot of produce. Then I got busy and in the last 2+ months I think I’ve cooked a **real** dinner less than 3 or 4 times. Pathetic.

Resolution #3: Contribute to retirement every month
– 12/12– I rock

Resolution #4: Contribute to savings every month
– 12/12– double check

Resolution #5: Organize my office and keep things filed
– I did get my office organized this year (thanks to B’s help!!), but I haven’t done a great job of keeping it organized. I need a better plan on how to get things from my mail box to my filing cabinet.

So overall… I did a lot better than usual! Now comes confession time. Between January and August, I lost 20 pounds. Woohoo! Between August and now… I think I’ve gained it all (or almost all) back. Sigh. What happened? I stopped running. I stopped cooking. Really– that was all it took.

But now, I have motivation–A wedding (at some point)!! Stay tuned for my 2010 resolutions tomorrow or Saturday!


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