Decade in review

So… I haven’t actually decided on my resolution(s) yet (stay tuned tomorrow), which means I’m instead going to do a decade in review post like pretty much everyone else on the internet! It is actually a really good time to do it, because I’m not sure that there will be a more transformative decade in my life. I started the decade in my parents living room with my best hs friend. I made $6/hour at the mall. I didn’t have a car. I’d never even had a boyfriend! I end the decade a lawyer, with a fiance and a house.

– rung in the new year millennium at home with my bff jennee
– got my first car
– got my first ever boyfriend!

– broke up with my first ever boyfriend and started dating the guy I’d date for the next 5 years
– applied to colleges
– decided to go to Columbus to OSU!

– graduated from hs
– started OSU

– finished my first year of college
– lived at home for the last time ever
– got my first ever apartment with roommates

– started my last year of undergrad
– took the lsat and applied to law schools

– accepted offer to OSU law
– graduated undergrad
– started law school!

– finished first year of OSU law
– broke up with serious boyfriend guy

– met b!!
– lived in dc for 3 months

– graduated law school
– passed the Ohio bar
– started my first grown up job as a lawyer

– got engaged!
– signed a contract for our first house!

The first decade of the new millennium has been good to me– Here’s hoping that 2010-2019 is just as exciting!!


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