New Years Eve and Resolutions

Ok I’ve got to be honest… I’m not big on New Years Eve. On a regular Saturday… I think bars are too noisy, crowded, and expensive. Add NYE craziness to that and you couldn’t pay me to go. My idea of a perfect NYE would be 2 or 3 other couples, wine, dinner, wii, and board games. Yep, I’m 50– whatevs. Unfortunately our friends are NOT 50 so they are always at bars or big parties for NYE, which is why B and I have made a habit of playing hermit on NYE.

The past 3 years, we have stayed in. I cooked a nice dinner, and we watched movies while cuddling on the couch. It’s kind of awesome. This year I made southwestern eggrolls out of a cookbook that b’s mom got me for Christmas and we watched Extract and Taking Pelham 123. Both movies kind of sucked, but we had fun nonetheless. I even tried to document our fun… and I kinda failed.

“Hey B… lets take a NYE picture and be all cute.”

“Um… ok hun you actually have to OPEN your eyes.”

“Okay wayyyyy too much with the eyes there. Pull it back”

“Now you just look high… let’s try this again…”

“Better… but why can’t you just look normal in a picture? Honestly..”

“Look all you want buddy… I’m not stopping until I get a decent picture of us. Or until my arm falls off. One or the other.”

“Okay I think thats about as good as we’re going to get righ…. B? Are you seriously asleep again already?”

“Maybe laser dog will take a picture with me?”

“Nope… he just looks freaked out”

Unfortunately for Stew we had a little time to kill between our second movie and the ball dropping… so we decided to play one of our favorite games: annoy the dog. For some reason Stewie gets REALLY pissed when we make certain noises. Like the “raspberry” noise, or when we howl like a dog, or when B signs “Loving you” (only that song… random). He howls like crazy and it cracks me up… Poor Stew…

(note: i tried for 30 min to upload the video i took… no luck. If anyone knows how to upload a video to wordpress??)

I’ve also decided on my resolutions, finally. As with last year I decided to do very specific resolutions vs the normal “lose weight/get healthy” stuff. So without further ado, the 2010 resolution list:

1) Log at least 400 miles of running/walking for exercise. I joined B’s gym today (yay) and logged my first 3 on the treadmill… more walking than running. Hopefully by the end of the year the only walking I’ll be doing is the warm up and cool down!

2) Cook (or eat left-overs) in at least 5 nights/week. Eating out is what kills my diet, so this year for both health and monetary reasons, it is getting cut waaaaaay back.

3) Make sure that at least once a week, my house is clean

4) Organize my office at work, and keep it relatively organized

5) Do something nice for someone other than myself or my family at least once a month (other than giving money to my regular charity).

6) Between B and I, put away $10,000 in savings for our wedding.

So thats it…. 2010 here I come!


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