We have a date (kinda)!

Okay I’ve got to be honest… around early December I got really frustrated with wedding planning and I just… stopped. It really was not as fun as I thought it would be. It wasn’t all ripping up magazines and crafting and shopping (still hoping that that part is coming up!). Instead, it was hard talks about money, endless research, and lots of frustration.

We’d be negotiating the budget (posts still upcoming) for most of November and we’d looked at six venues (ditto)… all based on the assumption that we were going to get married in January. I’m not sure if I explained that decision before, so I’ll do it briefly now.

Basically… we planned to buy a house in early 2010, and I knew I did not want to get married in summer (too hot, too popular, just bleh to me). My dream was to get married in Fall, but with my brother’s wedding in August and B’s mom’s wedding in October, Fall was filling up fast. We thought about November but I didn’t want to stress B’s mom out by making her rush back from her honeymoon to help us with our wedding.

We thought then about December, but found out that December is just as expensive as summer (because of holiday parties, apparently). February is always a really busy month for us (v-day, our dating anniversary, and B’s birthday), and I hate spring in Ohio (bleh @ brownness)… so January it was! Then B came home from work one day and said oh by the way… we can still get married in January but Januarys are year-end for us and I can’t take any days off. Ever. Sigh.

Then the first weekend of this last December we went to visit B’s parents and they casually mentioned that if we did January and it was “too snowy” that their family wouldn’t make the 3 hr trip to the wedding. Double sigh. Back to square one. And thats when I decided to take a break from the wedding.

But then Monday it was snowing… and I LOVE snow. And the house stuff is calmer… and I got to thinking about the wedding and I decided: I want my winter wedding.

Yes, it may snow and people may not come. Yes, it will get dark early. Yes, it will be super cold. But I love winter! I’m one of the only people I know who gets excited every time it snows. The idea of an intimate winter wedding snowed in sounds so fantastic to me.

I looked at my calendar and I found a date. THE date that actually works with our crazy crazy schedules. February 26, 2011. Let the planning begin again!


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