Details: Colors

In my never-ending quest to procrastinate on what annoys me, I am continuing to ignore the “minor” issues of budget and venue in favor of focusing on the fun stuff- details! Six months ago, I had never heard of an “inspiration board.”

Cue proposal and a head-first dive into the world of wedding blogs and I grew so jealous of girls who had the skills to succinctly share their wedding “vision” in just several artfully mosaic’d photographs. But, I figured that if I wanted to make an inspiration board to display my wedding “vision,” I probably ought to have one.

One of the reasons I wanted a winter wedding is that I actually had a clear idea of what I would want a winter wedding to look like. I am one of the only people I know who gets truly excited about snow… and I knew I wanted the entire reception hall to sparkle like it. I was picturing dimmed lights, lots and lots of low votive candles, and silver touches everywhere.

The obvious second color choice was an icy blue. Ice blue and silver go together and are really the classic winter wonderland colors. I found lots of images like this online:

Pretty… but something was just.. missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was just too “cold” (ironic complaint for a girl who wants a snow-like reception). When I pictured a winter wedding I wanted that contrast between the frigid snow and the warm fire, because to me winter is as much about a fireplace with cocoa as it is about building snowmen*.

I went around and around about what color would add the warmth I was looking for. A deep wine color would be pretty and wintery, but it just didn’t grab me. A sage green would go well with the blue and bring an earthy feel… but where is there green in winter? And then I thought, why not gold? I think that people often use silver OR gold but I see no reason not to use both. To me gold evokes a necessary warmth that is going to make everything seem inviting and elegant. And with that, I created my first ever inspiration board:

ahhh…. much better, no? This is the first wedding “theme” that I’ve gotten really excited about. Plus, I think that it is going to make finding budget decor super easy because gold and silver are easier tones to match than if I were trying to do everything in a specific shade of each green and purple, for example. The blue might be a little harder to match, but better one color to manage than several!

How did you decide your wedding colors?

*Note: There will be no snowmen at the wedding. There will be no (or almost no) snowflakes. I have a “thing” against non-organic shapes… not sure what that is about. (Yes, I realize that snowflakes are actually an organic shape but I still feel that they’re too commercialized) But if you ever think of getting me something heart-shaped for valentines day? think again.


One thought on “Details: Colors

  1. My BF works for an event company and gave me the address for this website…LOTS of DIY ideas, fun engagement pics, etc. Don’t know if you’ll be into it, but I thought I’d pass it along:


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