omg omg omg… I’m famous!

Except, not really.

About four years ago I didn’t know what a blog was… let alone that there were blog celebrities. Now, unfortunately for my general productivity at work and in life, I am more than aware of this fact. One of the top blogger celebrities has got to be The Pioneer Woman. She kind of does it all… great blog + great cooking blog + great photography blog + great home blog… basically unless you want to talk politics or tech (and I really don’t), its a one-stop-shop for all your blogging needs. Love!

For a while now she has run photo contests where she calls her readers to submit their favorite photos under a certain topic. Each topic gets thousands of submissions, and I never really bothered to submit my photos because… I don’t really know why. Low self confidence I guess. I know that people say my photos are good but its hard to see that about yourself.

Well.. her latest contest was for sunset photos and we all know I took about a thousand of those on our trip to PV. I couldn’t resist and I already had my photos on flickr so I got over my anxiety and did it. I had a really hard time choosing, but I decided on the same one I recently got blown up BIG (think Leno’s chin and Dolly’s boobs big) and put on canvas for B’s and my living room in our new house:

I was SHOCKED when my photo was picked for the very first group! I mean… with thousands of entries to pick from, she picks mine? Really? It pretty much made my night. I never ever thought I’d be a finalist though… just way too many amazing photos.

So imagine my surprise when I casually wander over to the site tonight and see…. I’m a finalist!!! I can’t even describe how excited I am about this.

It isn’t just because I “won over” so many other people to get this far… but mostly because so many people will see my photo! Ree gets tens of thousands (actually hundreds of thousands I think) of hits every day…. and those people are going to see MY photo? Are you freakin’ kidding me? I hate calling photography art because you don’t so much create it but capture what is already there… but whatever it is it just makes me so happy that what I created/captured is actually going to be seen by someone other than guests in my house and my family.

Since this photo got chosen in the first group three days ago I’ve gotten almost 350 hits on my flickr page photo…. which tops my next most popular photo by about 330 hits. What this really shows me is that I need to stick with the photography thing. I need to figure out a way to get my photos out there. Even if I never make any real money at it (although how amazingly cool would it be if this were my JOB??). Because it doesn’t feel like work. I love taking photos. I love editing them (ok maybe slightly less than the taking them but I’m learning!). And I LOVE sharing them.

So, I think I am adding a new years resolution to the list: Momentum. I am going to pledge to keep momentum going with my photography. Every month, at a minimum, I’m going to make sure that I’m doing something productive to my photography business. I think it was Warren Buffet who said (paraphrasing here): Do what you love and the money will come.

I’m going to cross my fingers he was right.

(Although… it seems to me that what he loved was building businesses which is by nature more lucrative than taking photos… but whatever. Minor detail)


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