We’re moved!

Well… I can’t say that the weekend was without incident. Work ended up being crazy last week and I was actually working until about 1am on Friday night/Saturday morning. I pushed back move time Saturday by an hour but I still wasn’t ready when people showed up to help us move. Then we found out that the guy that helped B pick up the moving truck Friday night had inadvertently taken the key home with him.

But! We’re in! And I’m amazingly lucky to have such great family and friends to help. We ended up with a troupe of six additional people Saturday morning and we were out of my old place (once we got the keys for the Uhaul) and into the new one in 2.5 hours! Pretty stellar if you ask me. My parents then came down Saturday afternoon and stayed until this afternoon. We got so much done, it was great.

Old places cleaned and turned over, kitchen, half bath, and lower level painted. Dining room, kitchen, great room, guest room, guest bath, master bath, and sewing room set up. One big picture hung, floors cleaned, and laundry started. Makes me tired all over again just thinking of everything that has happened in the last 72 hours!

It just feels awesome to actually be in and semi-settled. And strangely enough, it already feels like home. Despite the new house, new furniture, new everything really… it feels exactly right like we’ve just always lived here together.

I’m so excited to keep working on the place, painting and decorating and finishing unpacking… really making it ours. So, as we get each space finished I’ll take photos to post. First up is the kitchen– my favorite place in the house! Here is the before picture. Beautiful cabinets and appliances… but pretty bleh, no?

So I painted it green! I love it… its bright and cheerful, and just a little retro. I think it really makes the cabinets pop.

And a closer shot:

So, thats my new kitchen! I kind of wish I would have remembered to take a photo of my old kitchen for comparison of crappy to nice…. but its probably best to let that kitchen fade into the recesses of my memory! Next show-and-tell? My half bath! (wow… I’ve seriously become my mother to be that excited about a half bath…)


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