Top 10 Reasons I love B today:

1) He got up with Stew this morning so that I could sleep in

2) When I went to make breakfast I realized that he unloaded the dishwasher last night without being asked

3) He bought the belt I liked better at Marshalls. Pretty much just because I am anti-Calvin Klein (for basically no reason) (but it was really for the best because come on… Kenneth Cole > Calvin Klein)

4) He suggested we stop for lunch at my favorite Mexican place (umm… yes.)

5) I could spend like, 6 hours in Lowes with him. And almost did.

6) When I was tired and wanted to go home, he reminded me that I REALLY need new black flats for work, and we WERE just near DSW…

7) Then I found black flats for work… and he still suggested we look in the designer shoe section…

8 ) And he actually encouraged me to buy a pair of Michael by Michael Kors suede flats that I don’t actually need. But I love a lot. Two new pairs of shoes? Best Sunday ever.

9) Then he went grocery shopping with me. Because I really didn’t want to go alone. And it was actually fun.

10) Playing Mario on wii with him is pretty much the best part of my week. Which makes me feel like a nerd. But I’m okay with that.

/mush over. I promise I’ll try to restrain myself in the future.


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