20 minutes is..

Pop quiz.

20 minutes is…

a) the length of a dvr’d sitcom
b) my commute to work
c) the length of the (seemingly) longest freakin’ pilates dvd ever when you are trying to do it for the first time in (several) years and your dog just. won’t. stop. barking. Because he thinks you want to play? Or he thinks that scissor kicks are an attack? So he decides to alternate between barking at you, nuzzling you, licking you, and rolling ON you while you try to get your pilates on.

If I was a more confident person I would make B take a video of me trying to pilate (is that a verb?) while stew launches his attack. But I’m not. So you’ll have to use your imagination.


Random fact Fridays

Even though its now technically 20 minutes past Friday. And even though I probably won’t ever remember to do a random fact friday again…

Just saw a commercial for oreo cakesters and it reminded me of this random fact:

My dad plays the acoustic guitar and he’s kind of awesome. Never took any lessons and he can’t read music, but he can listen to a song then mimic it back. He loves to tell about how his parents bought him a guitar for Christmas when he was 12 but they got it on sale a few weeks (or months) early.

They worked late every day (they owned a fabric store) and every day after school he’d go into their room, unwrap the guitar, practice for a few hours, then replace it. Every day. Until Christmas day when they gave it to him and the packaging was all torn up from being done and undone… and magically their never-had-a-lesson-son was actually able to pick out a tune. I wonder how that happened?

Anyways, what does this have to do with Oreos?

The first thing my dad ever played for my mom on the guitar when they were dating was the Oreo song… the original Oreo song:

Do you know exactly how to eat an Oreo?
Well to do it, you unscrew it, very fast.
‘Cause a kid’ll eat the middle of an Oreo first
And leave the chocolate cookie outside for last.

I don’t know why that was the first thing he played… I never thought to ask!

So when I was growing up, my dad would play the guitar and sing at coffee houses on weekends for fun. Random assortments of our family and friends would go, and when I was in high school my friends would come too sometimes. And every time I had the same request: Oreo song! And he’d tell the story again.


This is our vacuum.

It’s a “pet vac”

And these are the marks from when Stew attacks it. Every freakin time we turn it on. Even though we’ve never chased or teased him with it. Even though he gets scolded when he does it.


(Yes, my guy vacuums. Every week. AND he’s cute. How lucky am I?)

Stew: Not as innocent as he looks.

I’m an idiot, Environmental edition

Ohio weather sucks. Temperature swings of 40 degrees over the course of 24 (or even 12) hours are not at all uncommon. Once “spring has sprung,” you can almost guarantee we’ll see at least two more cold snaps.

Last week was hot. Like in the 80s hot. Three days in a row our thermostat clocked in at over 80 degrees in our home, and I was determined to sweat it out. Because guys, it’s APRIL. And I don’t turn the AC on in April. AC is not required to live and I’d be damned if I was going to spend money to cool this house IN APRIL.

But B complained and didn’t see the big deal and the final straw was when my MOH pointed out something along the lines of, “you make too much money to sweat all day.” Fine. So I turned the AC on. To 79. That was my compromise.

Then it got cold again and for the last two days our house has been a bit chilly (you have to choose between “heat” and “cool”… I don’t understand why we can’t just set a temperature range and have it take care of itself but whatevs). When we got up this morning and our house was 65, B suggested we turn the heat back on and I said fine. So I clicked the button to switch from “cool” to “heat” and walked away.

Around 11am I noticed it was REALLY hot in our great room… but its been really hot in there all week. I deduced that all the windows were creating some sort of greenhouse effect in here, so I decided to open the window nearest me to let some of the 45 degree cold in and cool myself off.

And thats how it was, all day. Until just now when I decided to look and see what the thermostat was set at…… see when the heat was on for the last two months I had it set to 67, and I thought that when I switched it back to “heat” it would also set itself back to 67.


It was?

79 degrees.

Which means, if you’re paying attention, since approximately 8am I have been both heating my house up to a ridiculous 79 degrees, while simultaneously leaving a window open to let in the 45 degree breeze.

I suck.

I blame my mother (and this time, its actually her fault)

A brief history of me and coffee:

Prior to 1998: No consumption. My parents were (are) big coffee drinkers but I thought it tasted gross.

1998-2002: It was decided that before I embarked on the real world I really ought to like coffee, and my parents set upon making that happen. We’d frequent local coffee shops (prior to any local starbucks, the horror), and they’d order me a grande mocha with 1/2 shot of espresso. A normal grande has 2 shots. So they eaaaased me in. First with a half shot. Then a whole. Then two. I actually liked it but still didn’t care much for regular coffee and drank it only with obscene amounts of cream and sugar.

2002-2005: College. No money for mochas, no interest in coffee.

2005: Law school begins. Coffee is suddenly my lifeblood. I drink half a pot each morning before school with much more reasonable amounts of cream and sugar. Then finals hit and I decide maybe I should have juice one morning rather than coffee to power my brain or something? And I get super dizzy mid-morning and feel like I”m going to puke. Caffeine withdrawals. Crap. I give up coffee cold turkey because anything that makes you feel that bad after missing one day can’t be good for you right?

2006-2010: I did not own a coffee pot. I drank coffee when I was out or at someone’s house occasionally, but we’re talking monthly (maybe)— not weekly or daily. I did buy a french press at one point after several overnight guests complained about my lack of coffee, but it was enough of a pain in the butt that I didn’t use it often.

Jan 2010: I move into a new house and my parents help us, and they stay the night. My mom is annoyed by the french press.

Feb 2010: B’s birthday is coming up and my parents are coming down for brunch with us and his parents. My mom asks me what I think of getting “him” a coffee pot. I tell her its totally unnecessary because we don’t drink much coffee or care to. She decides we need a coffee pot and buys one anyways.

Present: We’re (I’m) hooked (again). I make us coffee every morning, and its easily the best part of my day before noon. I DO restrict myself to 1 mug only, with 1 tablespoon of creamer and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. But still. Backslide.

So, yup. This time, it actually IS my mother’s fault!

Failure and victory (and failure and victory), dinner style.

One thing I haven’t talked about in a long time (let’s face it I haven’t talked about much in a long time) is my weight. In January of 2009, I started a weight loss plan in conjunction with a running plan, and by July I had lost 20 pounds. I was so proud of myself!

Then, inexplicably, I stopped. By the time I went on vacation at the end of October I’d gained 10 of the 20 back. Sigh.

Then I got engaged. GREAT motivation to jump start me back into healthy living, right?


I got busier, and lazier, and I gained the other 10 back. Epic fail.

About two weeks ago I started back in with the working out, and this time B is going with me. And by going with me, I mean DRAAAAAGGING my butt out of bed at 6:30 to go work out. Because at 6:30am I’d rather be 400 pounds then get out of bed to work out. The guy has some SERIOUS patience with me.

So working out? Mostly only track. Eating… that is still the struggle. Every day is a battle. Some days I win, and some days I lose.

I’m not really sure if I won or lost today. I had a healthy breakfast and lunch… but dinner…..?

B let me know that he’d be home late and not to worry about him for dinner. I decided to head to Target to pick up some essentials (read: peruse their home decor section and get some mascara and a binder thingy for wedding stuff), and by the time I was done I was starving.

Rather than come home and make myself something, I decided to pick something up on my way home.


I almost stopped at Burger King. Then I almost stopped at Arbys. But then I decided to go to Steak Escape because their grilled chicken buffalo sub is actually not-too-terrible for you.


But then I decided if I was going to Steak Escape, there was no way I was going to be able to resist the Fries… and I wasn’t really going to try.


So I thought… if I’m definitely going to get the fries, I can at least forgo the sub to save me a few hundred calories.

Draw. (Win on calories. Fail on nutrition)

Then I got a coke.

Massive fail (but at least it was the smallest size).

But, when I got home I only ate the fries until I wasn’t hungry anymore and threw the rest away, along with about half the coke.


So yea… I don’t know. Probably more fail than not… because fries for dinner? Really?? But it could’ve been a lot worse.. I’m just sayin’. It’s going to be a bumpy road.

A tour

Three posts in two days… holy cow, right?

Anyways, my MOH (maid of honor) pointed out after my last post that I still haven’t shared pics of most of my house with anyone. I first realized it two weekends ago when I went home and my family asked to see the place, only to realize I hadn’t actually taken pics! I was kind of waiting until the place was “done” because we haven’t decorated most of it (or even finished unpacking), but let’s face it. I have a wedding to plan, we’re both working full time, and its getting to be that time of year where we want to spend more time outside and less time inside. The house probably isn’t getting decorated this year.

So I thought I might as well take some pics tonight, and as long as I took them why not share them right?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned… but our house is kind of a weird floor plan. It is a five level split, which I had not heard of before we looked at this place. Basically if you looked at our house straight-on and drew a vertical line splitting the place in half, there would be a total of 5 levels with a half flight of stairs between each. On one side the basement/main floor/extra bedrooms are stacked, on the other side the “man cave” and master level are stacked.

Let’s begin! When you walk in the front door the first thing you see is the dining room.

I’ve already shown this off, but now we have some stuff on the walls. A cool plate/art thingy on one and a painting my dad did on the other. This is the only room that feels totally DONE to me… I love it! The only thing I’ll do at some point is get some kind of centerpiece.

Also, note: I walked around and took pics exactly as the house is… so excuse the fact that the napkins are all off to one side and parts of the rest of the house are kind of messy!

You walk down the hallway and the next stop is the kitchen. I still love the green, but I really need to decorate the top of the cabinets!

Beyond the kitchen is the great room, probably my favorite room in the house. The couch we picked out fits the room like it was made for it, and it is so comfy!

Here is the view from the other side of the room, looking back towards the kitchen. You can also see the railing to the loft above. I really want to put something on that wall to the right of the TV, and decorate the mantel. No ideas though.

If we head back towards the kitchen there is a half bath and half flights that go down to the man cave, and up to the master level.

Let’s head downstairs to the man cave. I gave B 100% control over how he decorated the ‘cave… although I did give a few suggestions for color. From the stairs:

This is truly a MAN’s cave. Note the video game nerdiness (although I have to admit I actually like the guitars on the wall!)

And the nerf hoop

Here is the view from the TV. He really needs to get something on this wall… but its so huge that we have no idea what to put there.

There is also a cool little nook that will eventually hold a poker table… but that is probably a post-wedding purchase. For right now it is a bit… sparse?

Last cool thing about the man cave is the cat door that we had B’s dad put in between the ‘cave and the basement. Unfortunately there is still a Stew v. cats battle happening… but at least they have the OPTION to come upstairs whenever they get the nerve.

Let’s head back upstairs and up one half-flight of stairs from the kitchen to the master level. The bedroom right now is EXTREMELY boring because we have done absolutely nothing to it.

Another view from in front of the dresser. Even our bedding is white… we really need help!

It isn’t really as narrow as it looks, but I had to use a wide-angle lens for these photos to get whole rooms in one pic, and it makes things kind of stretched out.

And by the way… even though I bought Stew a super pretty and comfy-looking bed:

He kind of stole one of our down comforters, and made it his bed. We call it the corgi nest, and its in the corner of the our bedroom.

Oh well.

You saw the bathroom earlier:

But you didn’t see my FAVORITE part

And here is our closet… I’m actually caught up on laundry– so exciting! Even though it looks kind of messy its actually well organized. We each have our half and our clothes are organized by type. I’m pretty impressed with myself that this has been maintained for 2+ months!

If you head up another half-flight of stairs, you’ll see our loft. We have it set up as kind of a reading nook. Eventually I’d like to get some cute accent chairs or something for the nook, but for right now a papison will have to do.

Over the railing you get the arial view of our great room

If you head down that hallway off to the side, you’ll pass the laundry room (no pictures needed I don’t think) and come to the office. This is the least unpacked room. I think that the file cabinet might be upside down. B’s CFA stuff is EVERYWHERE. Oh well… we’ll get it put together at some point.

There’s also another bathroom

And a guest bedroom

All hand-me-down furniture in here and its pretty sparse. I would love to put a sitting area in that back nook area, but that is just going to have to wait! Eventually our bedroom furniture will get moved in here and we’ll get a new King sized set for our bedroom.

Last up is my sewing room, which is semi-unpacked and has become the repository for all of my decorating stuff. It isn’t that I don’t have stuff (clearly)… its that I don’t know where to put it. I need one of the TLC decorator people to come in and fix my house for me I think.

Excuse B hanging out in the background. He likes to sit in there on the couch to study for the CFA because my “desk” isn’t so much a desk but a too-small table and its really uncomfortable for his 6’3″ frame. A desk is also on our list of must-buys.

Last pic is of our teeny tiny back yard. I actually like the size because it is big enough for Stew but not too much to take care of. We plan to fence it SOON I hope. Our property line ends at the first set of trees there. Also, see how they put the sod in and you can still see the squares? Kind of makes me laugh.

Whew, I think that is it. Lots of pics and the best tour I can give in pictures. We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m really happy with how what we have done has come together. Plus, it is kind of nice that we still have such a long list of to-do stuff because what fun would it be to have everything done all at once? After the wedding is over, I’m going to need a new project. Watch out, B!