In which I almost punch a federal employee…

I don’t know why I haven’t been posting because really, I have lots to say. Laziness? Probably. So today I found just the thing to drag me out of my blogging funk… a good old fashioned RANT. I’m looking at you, US Postal Service.

Let me set the scene. I had to send a certified letter for work. When you’re sending legal documents, sometimes it HAS to be “certified mail” because that is what is acceptable to a court as service of a document. (It’s a governmental conspiracy). So, I drive to my local post office, park in the lot, and enter the building. Three people ahead of me in line, not too bad at all.

Then things started to take a turn for the worse.

I took a look around the room to find the organizer with the Certified Mail slips so that I could fill it out before I got to the window… and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Weird… but I got back in line. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I saw the organizer, half empty and perched on a windowsill behind a display of boxes. Strike 1, post office. Very weird, but whatever. I got a slip and got back in line. I was standing next to the little table station where there were several places and chains for pens… all broken and no pens. Strike 2.

So I was a little annoyed at the disarray of the waiting area but what can you do… I waited (still, at this point, the 4th person in line). By this time the line had grown to 8 people and although there was another man leaning against the wall behind the counter, only one woman (wo)manned the window.

The next person in line moved up and had a package to receive. Easy enough? Guess again. The woman disappears out of sight and after 3 or 4 minutes we all hear her laughing from the back room and chatting. We all exchange glances, the 10 of us now in line, and continue to wait in silence. Another 2 minutes later the woman passes by the counter with a man in tow and states “Just giving a bit of a tour here I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”


Excuse me? You have 10 people in line. TEN. and you’re giving a tour? Is this REALLY an appropriate moment for training? Are you f*cking kidding me? At this point the line gets restless and we start talking amongst ourselves… sharing our own stories of other times when postal employees have done wrong.

It wasn’t until one of the men in line knocked on the door and demanded we be helped that they finally came up and the woman resumed her post. She offered no apology, and seemed no more hurried than if the man at her window was the only person in the place.

She found the package she’d been asked to find, and then excused the man directly in front of me, declaring she couldn’t help him. I make my way to the window and give her my (filled out– I found a pen) Certified Mail slip and my letter.

She hastily rips the Certified Mail slip to give me my portion, and in doing so tears off the bar code. At which point she asks me “How much do you care about this?”

Yes, she really did.

“Um… its a legal document so I’d say I care about it A LOT.”

“Enough to fill out enough Certified Mail slip?”


So I do, and she charges me the money and I walk away, biting my tongue from saying all the things I”m thinking at this moment and she yells after me..

“you’re WELCOME.”

Wow. What. the. hell. I’m not sure she could have been ruder if she had been trying. And the thing is…. this is not uncommon! I frequent a number of post offices in my town and I have similar experience throughout. The excruciatingly slow pace of the workers. The ill-staffed windows. The rudeness.

Its no wonder the post office is losing money. Why would anyone knowingly subject themselves to this if they didn’t have to?? I’m not generally one to rail against government inefficiency, but I’ve reached my limit.


Next up: A post that is neither lovey-dovey nor ranty. Holy cow.


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