How it’s Going, Pt. 2

So we’ve now lived together a bit over two months… time flies! I’d say that its still going better than expected. Not that we haven’t had our fights. Our ups and downs. Our fight-until-3-am-about-who-should-put-the-muffin-tin-in-the-dishwasher. Not that that happened (it did). But overall I’d say that we’re starting to hit some kind of stride, or routine, or whatever.

I could go into detail, but I’m kind of detail-ed out. So instead I thought I’d share a little piece of our home with you.

This is our bathroom. I love it.

Please ignore the basket of unfolded laundry on the bed.

This is our toothbrush holder.

Every day, I leave the toothbrush holder just like that. Four spots, two toothbrushes, why not even things out and give us a little space, right?

Every day, when B brushes his teeth, he leave it like this.

His toothbrush. All up in my toothbrush’s space.

But its okay, because right after he brushes his teeth, I brush mine. And I do this.

ahhhhh space.

This has been going on every day for the last two+ months since we moved in. Clearly, it is not a fluke.

What does all this mean? That he’s constantly trying to “get closer to me” and I’m constantly “running away?” Only if we were on Dr. Phil.

That he prefers asymmetry and I require balance? Maybe?

Maybe its a metaphor for cohabitation? He likes it his way, I like it mine. We don’t have to agree, we just each do our own thing and ignore that the other undoes it the very next time they’re in there. Our worlds colliding and co-existing without bending to the other’s preference?

Or maybe it means absolutely nothing and I just wasted 20 minutes of my life blogging about toothbrushes? (Most likely explanation.) (Blame it on my sociology degree.)


One thought on “How it’s Going, Pt. 2

  1. B and I put our toothbrushes just the way you do it…..and I don’t think I’d like them any closer than that. When we first moved in together I accidentally used his toothbrush. I figured out halfway that it was his and almost gagged. Even though we obviously get very up close and personal with each other, there is something just so disgusting about using another person’s toothbrush.

    After that we decided I would always buy pink toothbrushes… there would be absolutely no confusion!

    Glad things are going well with you guys!

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