I blame my mother (and this time, its actually her fault)

A brief history of me and coffee:

Prior to 1998: No consumption. My parents were (are) big coffee drinkers but I thought it tasted gross.

1998-2002: It was decided that before I embarked on the real world I really ought to like coffee, and my parents set upon making that happen. We’d frequent local coffee shops (prior to any local starbucks, the horror), and they’d order me a grande mocha with 1/2 shot of espresso. A normal grande has 2 shots. So they eaaaased me in. First with a half shot. Then a whole. Then two. I actually liked it but still didn’t care much for regular coffee and drank it only with obscene amounts of cream and sugar.

2002-2005: College. No money for mochas, no interest in coffee.

2005: Law school begins. Coffee is suddenly my lifeblood. I drink half a pot each morning before school with much more reasonable amounts of cream and sugar. Then finals hit and I decide maybe I should have juice one morning rather than coffee to power my brain or something? And I get super dizzy mid-morning and feel like I”m going to puke. Caffeine withdrawals. Crap. I give up coffee cold turkey because anything that makes you feel that bad after missing one day can’t be good for you right?

2006-2010: I did not own a coffee pot. I drank coffee when I was out or at someone’s house occasionally, but we’re talking monthly (maybe)— not weekly or daily. I did buy a french press at one point after several overnight guests complained about my lack of coffee, but it was enough of a pain in the butt that I didn’t use it often.

Jan 2010: I move into a new house and my parents help us, and they stay the night. My mom is annoyed by the french press.

Feb 2010: B’s birthday is coming up and my parents are coming down for brunch with us and his parents. My mom asks me what I think of getting “him” a coffee pot. I tell her its totally unnecessary because we don’t drink much coffee or care to. She decides we need a coffee pot and buys one anyways.

Present: We’re (I’m) hooked (again). I make us coffee every morning, and its easily the best part of my day before noon. I DO restrict myself to 1 mug only, with 1 tablespoon of creamer and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. But still. Backslide.

So, yup. This time, it actually IS my mother’s fault!


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