I’m an idiot, Environmental edition

Ohio weather sucks. Temperature swings of 40 degrees over the course of 24 (or even 12) hours are not at all uncommon. Once “spring has sprung,” you can almost guarantee we’ll see at least two more cold snaps.

Last week was hot. Like in the 80s hot. Three days in a row our thermostat clocked in at over 80 degrees in our home, and I was determined to sweat it out. Because guys, it’s APRIL. And I don’t turn the AC on in April. AC is not required to live and I’d be damned if I was going to spend money to cool this house IN APRIL.

But B complained and didn’t see the big deal and the final straw was when my MOH pointed out something along the lines of, “you make too much money to sweat all day.” Fine. So I turned the AC on. To 79. That was my compromise.

Then it got cold again and for the last two days our house has been a bit chilly (you have to choose between “heat” and “cool”… I don’t understand why we can’t just set a temperature range and have it take care of itself but whatevs). When we got up this morning and our house was 65, B suggested we turn the heat back on and I said fine. So I clicked the button to switch from “cool” to “heat” and walked away.

Around 11am I noticed it was REALLY hot in our great room… but its been really hot in there all week. I deduced that all the windows were creating some sort of greenhouse effect in here, so I decided to open the window nearest me to let some of the 45 degree cold in and cool myself off.

And thats how it was, all day. Until just now when I decided to look and see what the thermostat was set at…… see when the heat was on for the last two months I had it set to 67, and I thought that when I switched it back to “heat” it would also set itself back to 67.


It was?

79 degrees.

Which means, if you’re paying attention, since approximately 8am I have been both heating my house up to a ridiculous 79 degrees, while simultaneously leaving a window open to let in the 45 degree breeze.

I suck.


One thought on “I’m an idiot, Environmental edition

  1. awww…bummer! I’ve had “D’oh!” moments like that before, so at least you’re in good company… 🙂

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