So um…. I got engaged like six months ago. And I haven’t really blogged about anything except the proposal. And there’s an awesome reason for that. I haven’t really done much to blog about!

We have a venue. That was a totally hellish search I’ll get to blogging about soon.

Which means we have a date (I’m getting married in less than 10 months, eep!).

We have a photographer. I actually found her before the venue. Not shocking, right?

I have my maid of honor and my bridesmaids.

But other than that? Nada. I don’t really have colors, haven’t tried on a dress, have no clue what I want the bridesmaids to wear, don’t know if we’re hiring a dj, haven’t done anything about save the dates, invitations, programs, escort cards, or other assorted paper, have no cake, etc, etc, etc.

The problem (I think) is that I’m a very structured person. I want there to be an order to things, and I don’t want to do things out of order. In my mind, the next thing that needs to be done is to decide on colors and/or theme. Once I have that, it will inform everything else, right?

The problem is, I just don’t know. My first thought was light blue/gold/silver. Doing a winter wonderland thing and making everything sparkle. Pretty… but I kind of feel like its not “me.” Seems a little too… traditional? Classy? Not that those things are bad… but I want a relaxed/fun vibe. My first inspiration board:

Then I thought maybe a sapphire blue/emerald/gold wedding with peacock feather accents. Something like this board i found online:

But no one seems excited about it. Plus, I think its maybe a little dark for our venue (which has exposed brick walls, exposed steel beams, and is generally kind of dark).

I just want to LOVE something and go with it. I like a lot of things. I just don’t love any of them.

And the thing is… if I didn’t care, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’d say “umm we like blue” and we’d run with it. And it’d be fine, really. Everything would come off and we’d end up married and whatevs, right?

Except, I do care. I do want to LOVE my color scheme/theme. But nothing I’ve seen or thought of really excites me. So… I just kind of hang out. And dodge questions about wedding planning. Because I? Am a fail-bride.


One thought on “FAIL-bride

  1. I absolutely love the second board with the vibrant blues and peacock feathers! I’m sure once you get theme figured out all those other little tasks will fall into place. Good luck!

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