Highlight of my day

So as I’m sure I’ve mentioned… I have a dog, Stew. And B has two cats, Milo and Cali. We were hoping that when we moved in together it’d all just be cool.

Not the case.

So we installed a cat door between the basement (the kitty lair, which includes their food, water, litter box, scratching posts, and many ridiculously large pillows) and the man cave. So that they could come up if they wanted to, but would also be able to escape from Stew when they wanted to.

Until today. This is what usually happens…

and the view from the basement…

But he seemed particularly insistent today. So I got my camera… and the most hilarious thing happened.

Which as it turns out kind of sucks because now the cat’s can’t escape. Any problem-solving ideas?


5 thoughts on “Highlight of my day

  1. @Angela- the real question is why would he TRY to get back out when he has 2 cats to chase downstairs? lol

    @anna- maybe? Except its kind of hard to make a hole smaller ya know? Right now the door doesn’t look TOO bad or out of place… we’d probably have to do some kind of plywood something over the hole and then make another hole for a smaller door… boo. We’re going to keep an eye on him for a bit and hope he kind of forgets how to do it lol.

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