A tour, the sewing room!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the week off last week and was super productive. One of my tasks was finally unpacking/cleaning/organizing my sewing room. It had become just a repository of randomness. Remember this? (the before)

It now looks like this:

Clean and organized rooms make me happy. So does finding things I totally forgot about. When I was going through a bag I’ve apparently moved three times now without unpacking, I found a quilt top I made my first year of law school.

SO pretty right? I didn’t even remember making it, although I vaguely remembered buying the fabric. After talking to my mom about it she reminded me that I decided to make a quilt during spring break my 1L year as stress relief. And then apparently I got stressed again, the quilt top got thrown into a bag and never finished, and I totally forgot about it.

I also found a ton of fabric for projects that I’ve bought over the years, mostly quilts.

I have fabric and plans for five quilts, one tree skirt (quilted), fabric grocery bags, and unfinished quilt top, and assorted other random fabric I just liked and purchased with no plan (like that I used on my chest last week!).

I decided that since I have so much fabric and so many plans I might as well just start something. Sewing is super relaxing for me and now that I have such a nice room to work in, its really nice to just go sit upstairs with a movie on my laptop and work. First up is a random blue and green quilt! Follow along with my next post for a tutorial.


3 thoughts on “A tour, the sewing room!

  1. Yay for both organization and finding forgotten things! That quilt is GORGEOUS! I wish I was crafty… :-/

    It looks like you have a lot of opportunity just waiting to be made into something beautiful there – have fun with it!

    (And what an oddly shaped room with that little nook! I’ll say it again – I *need* to see your house in person, stalker-ish or not! LOL 🙂 )

  2. @anna- thanks! i’m really excited about finding that quilt. can’t decide what to do with it because i have no purple in my house, but i might finish it and keep it anyways because i kind of like it too much to give away! haha

    and yes, my house has a lot of weird nooks! I asked the builder why that was and its because they wanted the house to look balanced from the outside and where the windows are require some weird nooks. I feel like some designer on oprah could do great things with this place.

    @dancy- thats so exciting! even though I hate “cleaning” I LOVE organizing. Its so satisfying to see a huge change and make a space more functional.

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