To match or no?

I’ve had kind of a weird turn-around on wedding bands. Before I was engaged, and even for the first few months I was, I really didn’t like them. I loved the look of engagement rings, but wedding bands always looked clunky to me. After B’s and my first shopping trip to look at band options in December, I even declared that I would go band-less.

But then….. I dunno. I just changed my mind. Random! I set on a search for a 1/2 eternity platinum pave band to match my engagement ring. I wanted it to be thin but not TOO thin. Blingy but not TOO blingy. I tried on like 20 different bands and none of them fit. I was the goldilocks of wedding bands.

I found one I LOVED at Diamond Cellar, but it cost about double what I was hoping to spend, so I took my search online. On Blue Nile I found a ring that looked like the exact same thing. Same width, same number of diamonds, same carat weight– score! I ordered it and thought I was done.

But later that night I saw this other one. I had seen bands like it before and I thought they were awesomely unique. I just had to try it. So um… I ordered that too.

Love the 30 day return policy. Seriously.

They both came today and…… I love them both!! Now I have a hard decision to make.

The first ring matches my engagement ring really well.

And its super blingy!

It’s a completely beautiful ring.

The second one is so unique

It’s less blingy and it doesn’t quite match… but I think…. maybe… I like that?

And I do like how it looks on its own better than the first. But I really don’t plan on wearing it alone often and I still like the other one alone (just not QUITE as much).

Decisions decisions. To match or not. Blingy or unique. I don’t know… But I have 29 days to decide!


5 thoughts on “To match or no?

  1. Oy vey, you know how to pick ’em! Which one is the full eternity band? ‘Cuz I’m leaning towards the non-matchy one more…

    You’re right, though, they’re both beautiful…which one is more “you”?

  2. I would go with the matching one…in the long run I think that the one that doesn’t match would bug you…or at least it would start to bug me! They are both gorgeous though. Also, I thought I would have a lot more circumstances where I would just wear my wedding band and I have yet to wear it alone in 3+ years. I like it safely on my finger at all times.

  3. I feel you on the ring indecision! I had (or still have) the same issue…I couldn’t decide if I liked the look of all my rings together (mainly because I become self-conscience thinking people would judge me for all the diamonds) I did go past my return date though and am now liking my rings again…it’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster.

    I do like them both and say if you want unique go for unique!

  4. @anna- the unique one is the eternity band. I keep waffling between which one i like better. the unique one is definitely more “me” and if i were buying a ring to wear alone that’d be it…. but i can’t decide if the SET is my favorite.

    @valerie- good points. I really don’t think I’ll wear mine much alone either. I’m a lawyer, we don’t so much work with our hands 🙂

    @bluebutterfly- so glad that you’re liking your rings better now! i think its hard when there is so much pressure to pick the RIGHT ring because thats something you have to wear forever!

  5. I have to say i like the first one better. It seems like a better fit. It meshes together a lot more, but they both are definitely beautiful rings. Good Luck Choosing!

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