I’m alive! And I planted stuff!

Blogging is like so many other things…. you do it for a while then you don’t do it for a while and fall out of habit and then all of a sudden it is two months later! It isn’t that things haven’t been going on either, I’ve been super busy. But, B is back to studying for his CFA now and I’ll have a lot more time in the evenings so hopefully I’ll get on the blogging ball.

First up– we planted stuff today! I’ve never been a flower person (see upcoming wedding flower post.. sigh), and I never really thought much about landscaping. When we moved in M/I had made some “beds” with some basic landscaping. Some evergreen bushes and a few small flowering perennials. And we did precisely nothing with them. Didn’t water them. Didn’t weed the beds. It was kind of tragic.

My parents came to visit last week and I knew my mom would faint if she saw how bad we’d let it get. Plus our neighbor stopped us to give us some “lawn tips” (don’t you just love homeownership?) and we kind of didn’t want to be THOSE people.

So we tried to weed but by that time the weeds were literally waist high. And we could barely pull them. My dad helped B finally get all of the weeds out, so the beds were merely neglected and boring instead of actually overrun.

Cut to this morning when we decided to run to Lowes to get some weed killer for the lawn and I realized that most of my extended family was going to see our house for the first time in three weeks (we’re hosting a day-after brunch for my brother’s wedding). And I was a little embarrassed by the state of things.

Unfortunately we kind of missed the boat on most flowers and there was 0 flats of flowers left at Lowes… but there were still a few bigger plants we could buy to spruce things up. We got a small evergreen to plant near the door, a few hardy mums in a deep red, and two annuals called Parasols that look very tropical.

We got them home and began what I thought would be a quick and easy process of planting the seven plants. And then we discovered: M/I sucks. Our “beds”? Clay and gravel with 1 inch of mulch on top. We never realized that they didn’t prepare the beds because we never tried to dig in them before! Pure rock:

Ugh. So we had to dig the holes (through rock) deeper and wider so that we could put in more topsoil to help the plants actually live. An hour, much swearing, a few blisters, a farmer’s burn (I don’t tan), and a lot of sweat later? We were done!

Okay so it doesn’t look like much from that distance and it could still use a lot of work… but for $30 in plants I think we did a lot of good. Our little tree now fills a previously barren square between our walkway and driveway:

I totally love the Parasols:

And we even made a new friend! We call him lemon-head.

Overall it felt good to get something for the house done and spend the morning and early afternoon working with B in the yard. It made me feel very adult… this taking-care-of-the-yard business. And next year maybe I’ll get on the planting earlier. Like July! (I WILL plant in May… I WILL plant in May…)

Anyways! I have lots of posts thought up that I need to write, mostly related to wedding stuff. Here is what you can look forward to in the coming weeks (lots! of! exclamations!):

-Continued installments of quilt making

-We picked a venue! (like um… 5 months ago)

– We picked a photographer! And then she quit. And then I found a new one!

– We picked a menu!! (two exclamations there– it includes tortilla chips)

– I got a dress! And earrings! And shoes!!

– Bridesmaids dresses have been chosen!

– We ordered a cake!

– I got started on my first DIY project (tissue paper poms… tutorial to follow!)

– I made, ordered, and sent out our Save the Dates!

– I designed our invitations!

– and much, much more… stay tuned! (and um… if any of the six people who read this consistently would like to make a suggestion for what they want to hear about first, I’m taking requests!)


2 thoughts on “I’m alive! And I planted stuff!

  1. Ooooh – what do I wanna hear about 1st??? The dress!! The earrings!! The Shoes!!! and the menu too — I’m intrigued by the tortilla chips. đŸ˜‰

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