Rainbows and Puppies: The Venue Search Part II

Since I left you hanging last time (or um… 2 months ago)… I thought I’d finally reveal our venue!

After searching high and low for a venue that met our basic criteria, and coming up short, the venue we eventually chose came to my attention in the strangest way: a totally confusing email. One day I was sitting at my computer and an email popped up from an address I didn’t recognize. I almost deleted it as spam, but my delete finger had gotten slightly less happy since I was wedding planning and getting lots of strange emails. The email was short, “I never heard back from you after I sent you the information you requested, are you still interested in our venue?”

Hm… I didn’t remember sending an email. And I didn’t remember receiving one back. But, what the hell I thought I’d ask for more info anyways. And guys? It was awesome!

Here is what I was desperately trying to avoid (and yet what seemed inevitable on our apparently small budget):

Boring standard ballroom.

This venue? A converted warehouse that had only been open for a venue for a bit over a year. Exposed brick. Concrete floors. Steel beam ceilings. Completely urban chic in a way I knew we could make our own!

Smith Brother’s Hardware!

I haven’t gotten to see it in use yet, so you’ll have to do with photos I snagged online. Check out this amazing staircase and light fixture!

That’s right… our venue is two floors! Smith Brothers offers two venues, The Venue, and The Loft. We chose The Loft precisely because it is two floors and thus able to accommodate us as an all-in-one venue.

We’ll start with the ceremony upstairs

I actually don’t love this picture because the room looks a little boring. First, we’re getting married at 5:30pm in February*, so there will not be light streaming in the windows, it will be dim. There are twinkle lights strung up the posts that will be on. And we will have decorations hanging from the ceiling (either paper lantern or tissue poufs… more on this later!).

After the ceremony everyone will move downstairs for cocktail hour

There is a big bar with industrial light fixtures and a dance floor of concrete (although not much dancing during cocktail hour I wouldn’t think).

At 7pm everyone will head back upstairs for dinner, where the room will have been transformed!

We’ll have round-tops for our guests and we’ll be seated at a large tuscan-style table with our bridal party and their dates (meaning, we’ll be sitting all around the table like one big dining room table… we’re not going to sit and survey the room from one side. I don’t like being on display. Says the girl with the blog).

After dinner everyone will move back downstairs to get their dance on– and dance they will (they’ve been threatened!)!

Oh and one last detail… these?

The coveted gold chiavari chairs? Come STANDARD!

I am SO excited about this venue. I love the almost-grungy urban vibe. I love love love the exposed brick. I love that it is two levels. I love that it is right downtown in the city we love– and yet has a dedicated and FREE parking lot (this is HUGE). And I love that it is totally different from any wedding venue I’ve ever been in. I’m going to go for an urban club kind of feel (more rooftop party than studio 54) with lots and lots of candles and jewel tones. More on that later!

*Despite the fact that I post more than enough details here to find me if you reaaaaally wanted to, I don’t think I’ll be posting our exact wedding date. It is enough to say that it will be in February and I’m hoping for snow!


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