One of the major reasons we picked our venue was the food! I hate wedding food. Hate. I feel like most weddings I go to the options are steak or chicken (or maybe fish)… of which I pick the chicken because I don’t eat steak or fish… and it is some dry piece of poultry smothered in a salty sauce with limp veggies. Ew.

Granted, I’m a pickier eater than most and I’ve heard plenty of people say they enjoyed their wedding dinner.. but I did not. I really wanted to do something different. Something casual. Something identifiable to everyone in the room. But venues don’t like to do that. They give you their menu options with Chicken Marsala or Chicken Piccata and expect you to hand over a truckload of money. Pass. (And for the record– B has traditionally been disappointed by wedding food as well and was totally on-board for my non-traditional demands).

I was quite insistent on food that I would actually like throughout our venue hunt, and was told several times that I was being a bit silly. Apparently the bride and groom never get to eat anyways (I’ll report back in March to be sure… but I fully intend to eat). And regardless, everyone who knows me knows that I’m a picky eater and a steak/chicken plated dinner just isn’t ME.

Enter The Loft. It is owned by a caterer (Zuppa Catering) and the owner himself met us to show us the space. When we described how we felt about traditional wedding food and that we’d really like something more fun and approachable, his immediate suggestion was stations. Or as I’m calling them, Dueling Buffets.


That’s right… we’re doing Mexican and Asian buffets! We haven’t done our tasting yet so nothing is finalized, but here is our tentative menu.

    Mexican Buffet

Fajitas (chicken and beef with peppers and onions)
Enchiladas (chicken and cheese/onion)
Rice and Beans
Guacamole and Salsa
Tortilla chips

    Asian Buffet

General Tso’s Chicken
Potstickers (pork)
Lettuce wraps (chicken and veggie)
Eggrolls (chicken and veggie)
Lo mein noodles (veggie)

I have one word: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Since we’re going bold with our dinner we’re keeping the cocktail hour simple:
veggies and dip
fruit and cheese/crackers
shrimp cocktail

Comments I’ve received from family and friends regarding our menu range from:

“Oh my god best wedding food EVER”
“Whatever check I was planning to write you? I’m adding a zero to the end”
“I’m going to stop eating now in preparation to eat EVERYTHING.”

yay! I am so excited about this menu. It is totally us. I love Mexican food, B loves Asian food. Everything looks scrumptious (and completely recognizable), and we have so many options. Lots of chicken and veggie options (the most popular we think and we have some vegetarian friends), and also beef and pork. And best of all? We’re getting all of that food for about $24* per person– which believe me is a FANTASTIC price in a world where salty chicken can easily start at $32!

*Note- Getting married in February has its benefits. One of which is serious discounts. I’ll do a full budget recap of the venue at some point, but due to getting married at such an unpopular time (and my fabulous negotiation skills!) we’re paying at least 1/3 less than we would’ve been had we gotten married in a peak month.


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