Continuing on the food theme… I’m very happy to announce that we have ordered a cake!

Most people take it for granted that they’ll have wedding cake, but we did not. I’m actually a huge fan of sweets… but the thing is? I don’t care about wedding cake. It is never really all that good and I’ve not been that into what my cake would look like. I did want/assume there would be some sort of dessert but beyond that I kind of avoided dealing with it.

See, right after I got engaged my mom mentioned that my aunt offered to make our cake. Boom. DONE. She was worried that I wouldn’t like the cake because my aunt has a tendency to “overdo” and she thought I might end up with something covered in frosting roses and balloons or something. But really? I did. not. care. It was offered and free, I didn’t have to think about it, I was sold. I said I would print out some pictures of SIMPLE cakes for my aunt, but in the end if a frosting covered monstrosity showed up I would laugh it off. It wouldn’t ruin my day and it’d be a story I’d tell my friends for years.

Then at some point my mom decided that making a wedding cake would be too much for my aunt. True… my aunt has some health problems and I can see how making a cake would be challenging and stressful. But, she offered! Turns out that the whole arrangement was just going to cause my mom to stress and I didn’t care enough to argue.

I started pricing cakes and promptly lost my shit. $3.50-8 per slice. Tiny little 1/2 inch slice. Are you freaking KIDDING me?? For a 110 person wedding x $4 per slice that is $440 on eggs and flower before delivery and tip! Yikes.

Next idea: Pie bar! I’ve seen them splashed across wedding blogs and it seemed like a great idea. Have my friends and family bring homemade pies! But apparently this was much like the cake idea and having “friendors” in on the job was making my mom uber unhappy (once again, picking my battles. Although to be fair this was only the second thing she’d really made a stand about.) BYOP (bring your own pie) = fail.

We finally had a solution when I remembered that our venue had mentioned that they can do a faux cake (iced styrofoam basically) with sheetcake for serving at a reduced price. SCORE! And then? The pastry chef quit and they decided not to rehire!

The world? Did not want us to eat cake.

But we persevered! I finally found a cute little bakery near downtown with much better prices than the others I’d called. Their per piece pricing was similar on decorated cakes, but where they really shined was in sheet cakes. Most places still want to charge you $2+ per slice in sheet cake form, but not Piece of Cake! They charge $1 per slice of sheet cake, offer free cake stands to borrow, and will deliver for free to our venue. Yay!

I made an appointment for a tasting and picked up B for a lunch time mini-date. We wanted to keep things simple and we really had no ideas in mind regarding flavor or decoration. We were offered three types of cake to try (chocolate, white, yellow) and five different fillings (raspberry, strawberry, chocolate ganache, hazelnut, and almond cream). They have other flavors but we were happy with simple.

Brian loved the white cake with raspberry filling. I loved the chocolate cake with almond cream filling. Easy peasy, decided! We were handed a book of designs to look through and after about 5 minutes of flipping through we picked one. I think the baker was a bit startled at our quick decision making. What can I say… when the price is right you lock in a deal! Plus, we can change any of our decisions up until a week before the wedding. If we change our mind on flavors, decoration, or size? No worries. We’ll pay if we book something more expensive of course, but the ease of adapting the order put my mind at ease.

So without further ado… our cake! (kind of)

You’ll have to make do with an iPhone pic of the picture in his display book. Our cake will be a total of three tiers, with the first and third displaying the scroll decorating and the middle tier plain. The middle tier will feature a wide ribbon that I’ll supply to him (I’m thinking blue), and a single peacock feather!

Final price break-down for a 3 tier cake (feeds 70) plus a sheet cake (feeds 48)? $293. That’s right. 118 servings for $293, otherwise known as $2.48/slice overall. Am I a bargain hunter or what?


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