Making a Quilt: Finalizing the design!

I’m finally picking up where I left off on our quilt tutorial. Need to catch up? First we designed our quilt, and then we did our first round of cutting, sewing, and ironing, and then cut again. Got it? Good.

Now that we have all of our secondary squares cut, we’re going to decide on a layout. True, we did decide on a layout in step 1 when we drew up a plan. But– I find it really hard to picture what the fabrics are going to look like when they’re all sewn together so I like to lay out my quilt before sewing it together to make sure I like it. This is the time to make any changes in the arrangement of your quilt!

First up, the quilt as designed:

I like it… but let’s look at some other options.

mayyyyybe…. but what about?

eek too much white. let’s try…


oo I like! But then I sent it to my mom to get her opinion. And sometimes it only takes one little comment to worm its way into your brain. “I love it honey it looks really nice… but that last one??? I know it ISN’T… but doesn’t it kind of LOOK like???” And then I couldn’t unsee it. Little zebra swastikas. Yikes.

All of that work reorganizing to decide that I loved the quilt exactly as I’d drawn it:

Yay! But at least I know now that I wouldn’t have liked another design better.

Next up: back to the sewing machine!


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