Have I mentioned that I’m a hermit?

Sunday was a perfect day.

We slept late. I made eggs.

We watched Mad Men (Season 3 disc 2… almost caught up– so good!)

We hung pictures we bought at Home Goods Saturday night after dinner (never go into Home Goods “just to look.” Seriously)

We unlocked the secret world in Mario Bros (there was a hidden door in the fortress!)

We grocery shopped. Together. It’s nice to have company sometimes.

We grilled out. And watched Californication on netflix.

I folded four baskets of laundry.

We watched two favorite movies from our youths (B: Short Circuit. Me: Curly Sue).

Confirmed everything I thought I already knew: I’m a hermit. Me, B, some netflix, some video games, and maybe some cheddarwurst on the grill…. that’s pretty much all I need.

p.s. new picture for our great room… pretty, no? Hard to photograph without glare though.


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