Note to self: don’t go to the dealership “just to look”

This past weekend I did something. An exciting thing. A scary thing. A risky thing (you’ll see why…)

I bought a new (to me) car!! (or um… suv. whatever).

Previously I had been driving an 01 Hyundai Elantra. The AC did not work. The radio barely worked. Part of the door had fallen off. The electronic locks didn’t work. There was rust on it. Oh… and the check engine light had been on and off (but mostly on) since last Christmas. This car was on its LAST wobbly legs… we’d nick-named it Timmy (as in, tiny tim on his crutches).

B and I started car shopping casually a bit ago. Just looking online and trying to decide what I might want. There is a long story about why I went the route I did… but to sum up: I wanted a small SUV. We went out car shopping once two weekends ago and I looked around but I was NOT impressed by what I was finding in my price range. The only maybe was a stripped down doesn’t-even-have-visor-mirrors Nissan Rogue. Meh. Late model used SUVs are hard to come by!

So last weekend when I was home visiting my parents for my dad’s birthday I suggested we pop on over to the Honda dealership and check out CRVs. I hadn’t been able to find a used one to look at and I thought if I saw a newer one and decided if I liked it then I’d know whether or not to jump at a used one if I could find one. But I had NO intention of buying. We didn’t even take my car, we took my mom’s.

Well we got there and first car we saw? A 2009 RAV4 Limited loaded with just about everything possible except Nav. And because it had 35,000 miles on it (which is obviously more than most cars that have only been driven for 1 year), it was TOTALLY affordable. We test drove it and I loved it. I also test drove a CRV and we went down to another dealership to see what they had… but I couldn’t resist. I loved that RAV4. It was a WAY better deal than I’d seen in Columbus and it seemed too good to pass up.

The problem? I couldn’t get hold of B! He hadn’t come home with me and he wasn’t answering his cell phone. Could I really buy a car without telling him? Was this a precedent I wanted to set? It was a risky move… but I decided to do it. We had discussed prices before so I knew he’d be okay with what I was spending, and even though I’d be buying a few months earlier than we had planned, it was a much better deal than I would find here in Columbus.

I’ll stick the negotiating info in another post to keep this one short… but lets just say that the negotiating went very well and I got a great deal!

It’s hard to tell in the pic, but its a really pretty grey-blue shimmery color.

Once the first paper was signed we kind of had to fly into action. It was just after 4pm and dealership closed at 5. Remember when I said I didn’t bring my car with us? Yea… it needed to be brought in to trade and it was 45 minutes away! So my parents hopped in their car and raced home to clean it out and bring it back (seriously– how nice)… except they got 10 minutes away and realized that I still had my car keys in my purse! I talked to the owner and he said it was fine, it takes him an hour to close anyways so it wasn’t a big deal. They came back to get the keys, went back home, cleaned out the car, and headed back to the dealership.

It was a crazy hectic day but… I got my new car! I love it and it is totally beautiful. I feel like such an adult driving around in car that is in my name (my last one was in my mom’s name) and actually works as it is supposed to! And B? He was totally fine with my unexpected purchase and he loves the car too.


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