So as I might have mentioned… I found The Dress! I have been debating showing it to the world wide web due to my fear that one day B would be bored (really, REALLY bored) and decide to check out my blog and BAM there’s my dress and the surprise is ruined.

But I’m realizing…. that’s just not going to happen. He doesn’t read my blog. Plus I told him not to during wedding planning. And just to be safe I don’t think I’m going to post a pic of ME in the dress. Not yet anyways. Just in case!

So here is the story: It took me 2 days and 4 dress shops to find The Dress. So fast! (thank God!) I was really nervous about shopping for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was pressure, sample sizes, and price.

Turns out? It was not so bad!

First stop was David’s Bridal. I knew they’d have lots of dresses in my size to try on and I figured it would boost my confidence. I was pleasantly surprised that I kind of liked some of the dresses. None were winners, but better than expected. Prepare yourselves for lots of pics of me hot and tired from trying on 1000 dresses (or um, like 60. But that is kind of a lot!):

I thought I really wanted lace and straps. But this lace kind of reminded me of a tablecloth. And it didn’t have enough structure.

This was pretty but boring. It was like the definition of “wedding dress.”

I thought this one was really fun on the hanger… but on me? A bit too much poof. My dad needs to fit next to me walking down the aisle ya know?

Pretty if I was getting married on a beach… but too casual for winter.

We’d had enough of DB’s so we headed to a local shop that I saw online sold Maggie Sottero dresses, Wendy’s Bridal. First impression? Not impressed. They told us to walk around and pull some dresses we liked, but then totally ignored us for like 30 minutes. When my appointment finally got started though my consultant was perfectly nice (clearly, she’s trying to sell me something). I did appreciate that they had an entire rack full of plus sized dresses. I had lots of options to try on, but I didn’t know what any of it was!

Wendy’s is one of those awful salons that won’t tell you who the designer of your dress is, and won’t let you take pictures. Ask yourself why they wouldn’t allow this information… could it be because they’re overpriced and/or lying about product? Nevertheless I did find one dress I liked. Unfortunately I only have one picture my mom managed to sneak with her cell phone… and it is not very clear.

and um… its sideways. I don’t know how to fix that.

Here is what really pissed me off though. I liked this dress a LOT. It gave me great shape and it had a beautiful bodice. So I asked… who is the designer? And the consultant tells me that they’re not allowed to tell me who designed the dress until after I purchase… but “Don’t worry.. it is a VERY big name designer and you will be VERY happy.” Hmm… honestly I don’t care who the designer is but I wanted to make sure I was getting my money’s worth. So we sneak the cell picture and do some online research and find this… the same dress.

Designer? Wendy’s Bridal. I.e. store brand. I.e. the bitch lied to me. Sorry… but f*ck them. You lie to me, you don’t get my business. It wasn’t a great loss anyways because while I loved the top of the dress, the bottom was just too busy for me. I wanted something more simple and classic.

We went to one other shop the first day, but overall I was unimpressed. They did not have a plus sized section and instead told me to pick anything I wanted and they’d “make it work.” Which meant squeezing my size 16 ass into size 10 samples. Which was painful. And unattractive. And sometimes impossible. They were also super bitchy about the fact that I had waited SO long and told me I’d need to rush any dress I bought. This is at 8 months out by the way. I did find one dress I liked but it was way over budget (like, double) and it was so small on me I really couldn’t get a great feel for how it would look.

So all in all, day 1… no dress. I did still like the Wendy’s Bridal dress best… but I was iffy on the skirt and I really did not want to give them my business. On a whim I decided to look up a few more bridal shops the next morning. One wasn’t too far and I could get an appointment for that afternoon (The Wedding Plantation).

The place didn’t look like much, but I loved it! They were SO nice, told me who designers were, and let me take all the photos I wanted! They also let us pull dresses in addition suggesting dresses. In the end, there were two contenders. I know I took pictures of the losing dress, but I can’t find them.

So I guess I have no option but to show, finally, THE DRESS!

are you reading??

Okay…. here it is!

I love it! It is an ivory tissue taffeta with asymmetrical rouching (I can never spell that!) and rhinestones, and its perfect! I really love the fabric and it has just enough bling… I think B will love it! The only alterations I’m planning are a bustle and making the neckline slightly more sweetheart.

Up next… accessories and makeup and shoes, oh my!


2 thoughts on “THE DRESS

  1. Gorgeous! I love it. I really liked rouching (sp?) too but in the end went with a lace belted dress. I LOVE your gown – it’s perfect for a winter wedding. Congrats!!!

  2. Great dress!

    Found your blog on Wedding Bee and just wanted to say hi! My dress has similar detailing on the top (its the Enzoani Casablanca) but I didn’t post about it on my blog. I really want it to be a surprise.

    happy blogging.

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