The Perfect Shoes

I am a shoe girl. I love them, I love shopping for them, I love buying them. Except then I just wear the same three pairs of flats or flip flops and never wear the cute shoes that I buy. Because heels hurt, and that makes me cranky.

So although I loved the idea of beautiful heels for my wedding day– and LOVED the blue shoe trend–I was content with some cheap ballet flats. I knew I wouldn’t make it through the whole day with heels and it just didn’t seem important to have awesome shoes just to wear down the aisle and get some pictures in.

And yet…

On a random Thursday I headed out with my two bridesmaids on a hunt for bridesmaid dresses. That’s a story for another post but after we accomplished our mission we decided to head to DSW to look for shoes for them. I’d told them that they could wear any gold shoes they wanted, and they wanted to see what I had in mind.

Except what we found, were these:

And I tried them on…

And that was it. How could I not?

So I got the shoes… which will be worn for ceremony and pictures only. All I have to do now is learn how to walk in them… and I have exactly 5 months to do it!


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