The guys…

They say that daughters always marry guys like their fathers… which I guess makes it a really good thing that my dad is awesome.

In a lot of ways, B and my dad are nothing alike. My dad never went to college, he started off mowing grass for the local metroparks and worked his way up over the course of his career to run the facilities/operations side of one of the larger metroparks where I grew up. He then semi-retired and went to work as a consultant for a contracting firm. What I’m getting at here is that my dad spends his days outside, in jeans and a hardhat, and often gets his hands dirty. He’s a guy’s guy. He fixes sinks, builds decks, changes his own oil, and wouldn’t know Michael Kors from Cole Haan if his life depended on it.

B is a corporate accountant with a one of the biggest companies in our city and the dirtiest he gets during the day is if he spills coffee on himself on the way to work (which he does a LOT. and its pretty funny). He could not fix a sink, or a car, or build… most things. He’d kind of rather pay someone else to do that stuff for us. And he definitely knows the difference between his Michael Kors watch and his Cole Haan shoes… he cares about these things.

On the surface the only things they seem to have in common is a Y chromosome, and a joint love of football, poker, and golf. But really? They’re just the same. They’re both very sweet, thoughtful people who would do anything to make my mom and I happy.*** Case in point, my birthday!

Around 3pm I was chatting with my mom as she was driving home from work, and she told me that my dad had flowers delivered to her office with a note thanking her for having me (that’s right, he got her flowers on my birthday… cue *aww*). It totally made her day. Then, as we’re chatting my doorbell rings and what do I find?

He sent me flowers too! Seriously, so sweet.

Then yesterday evening I got a text from B that he didn’t think he was going to be able to leave work until about 7pm. Then another text… maybe it’d be close to 7:30 when he left… I was seriously bummed.

Until about 6:30 when the doorbell rang again… wtf? Who comes to see me unannounced at 6:30? B! He wanted to surprise me so he got off of work early and went to the grocery store to get all the things to make me Chicken Parmesan. Which is sweet not only because he never cooks (like he had to ask me how to turn on the oven because he hasn’t used it since we moved in… in January)… but also because Chicken Parmesan was the first meal he made me when we started dating. B, hard at work:

And the BEST part was that it turned out amazing! It was like… restaurant-good!

So what I’m getting at here is that a) I had an awesome birthday and b) I’m glad that I’m marrying a guy who is like my dad in every way that counts.

***Another quick story that doesn’t really fit in with my birthday… but I love to tell it anyways because I don’t get to brag on my dad enough. When I was younger… I want to say maybe middle school… my dad got the sweetest birthday gift EVER for my mom. See, we’d taken family vacations with some regularity but never anywhere too exciting. We’d go to Kentucky or the mountains of New York or to North Carolina. And my parents I don’t think had ever taken a real vacation without us kids… their honeymoon was 2 days in Newark, Ohio because my dad had to work the Tuesday after their wedding and by the next summer my brother was born.

My dad REALLY wanted to take my mom on a great vacation, but the bottom line was that they couldn’t afford it at that point in time… so he decided the second-best thing was to send her on a really amazing vacation, even if he couldn’t go. He talked her best friend into taking the trip with her (so she would have fun and be with somebody, but then my dad was only paying for 1 person not 2), and sent her to the Bahamas for a week! He planned it all out with plane tickets, resort reservations, and excursions. He then drew her a “comic book” called “***’s Excellent Adventure”, which showed her getting onto a plane, going to the Bahamas, and having tons of fun there. Seriously… how sweet! (And as a post script to this story… my parents have since managed to take vacations together to Vegas, a Caribbean cruise, an Alaskan Cruise, San Francisco, Sedona, and this summer they are headed to Europe– I am so happy they can finally take these trips together!)


It’s my birthday!

Today I’m 26! Which doesn’t really seem that significant aside from the fact that it means I turned 16 a decade ago. A DECADE. That seems kinda crazy.

On my 16th birthday I had a bonfire. I don’t really remember that much about it other than it was pretty small, just my (first) boyfriend and a few friends. Kind of weird to think I’ve been dating for a decade too…

Bonfires, I think, are the best part of living in the country. I grew up in a pretty rural area and our house was on a few acres that included a large lawn, a field, and some woods. We had a permanent bonfire bit back next to where the field and the woods converged… it was awesome! There aren’t many bonfires out in the ‘burbs.

For my 16th birthday my big gift from my parents was a Canon Rebel 35mm SLR camera. I had learned how to shoot on my dad’s 70s minolta, but that had gotten a light leak and my parents decided it was time for an upgrade. My first REAL SLR camera… that had no idea what they were getting me addicted to! I have no idea what my boyfriend got me… its entirely possible he didn’t get me anything!

Fast forward five years to my 21st birthday, and I was in my first year of law school. I had class the next morning, and you do NOT miss class your first semester of law school, so my birthday was pretty tame. We went to a local bar and drank a bit (legally) and I think I was home by 1am. I have no idea what my parents got me. My then-boyfriend got me a watch from fossil.

And now I’m 26! We went home to celebrate with my parents this past weekend and my parents got me a flipcam– yay! I had asked for a flipcam to use for your wedding. I know a lot of people consider a videographer to be essential… but the bottom line is that it isn’t in the budget. And really… having video of our wedding (even if it isn’t artfully perfect) is enough for me. (Especially for less than 10% of the price of a videographer– crazy!). So I asked for a flipcam, which I will ask someone to use to tape our ceremony and first dance. The bonus is that we get to keep the flipcam and can use it for our honeymoon, future vacations, and lots of videos of the crazy pets. I’m super excited about it!

No idea what B is doing for me yet. He told me he has something planned for after work tonight, but I’d asked him to keep spending down on this birthday so it might just be a quiet dinner in and a movie. We’ll see! Tomorrow night a friend (bridesmaid A) is setting up a dinner at my favorite restaurant…. queso and margaritas? Hell yea!

Year 25 treated me pretty well. I was engaged, bought a house, moved in with B, started planning a wedding, and bought a car. In my 26th year I’ll get married, go to Hawaii (post upcoming!), work on making our house a home, and try to enjoy what I hope will be a less busy first year as newlyweds!

oh, screw it (dresses!)

So you know how I wasn’t going to post a pic of me in my dress? Yea… whatever. B doesn’t read my blog. He says.
Seriously? STOP READING.
A girl’s still gotta be cautious ya know? So, I picked up my dress! it was a few weeks ago actually but I was still on the fence about showing it.

Going to pick up the dress was actually totally nerve-wrecking. My mom happened to be in town the weekend it came in, which seemed perfect! Except… well let’s just say she was stressed about it fitting. I ordered the dress a size smaller than I measured for, because I was planning to lose weight. My mom insisted that I had ordered it TWO sizes smaller though, and she was freaking. OUT.

Needless to say I was a bit stressed about it fitting because if it didn’t I’d probably have had a crying mom which just didn’t seem like fun. But the heavens parted and my hips shrank or something and guess what…. IT FIT!!! I could stand to lose about 1 more inch and it would fit perfectly, but I could also wear it as-is and it’d look great. Which really is a great place to be because I still have room to lose without having to worry about altering it.

Enough with the jabbering… here it is!!

It was pretty wrinkly right out of the bag, but I love it!! And I think B will really love it too.

We also go the bridesmaids dresses in this week, which was very exciting because we didn’t expect them to be in until November. It was also great because I was a BIT nervous about how they would look. See, when my bridesmaids picked the dress they liked, the store only had a sample in white/black. They suggested we get it in three different colors to match our wedding colors, blue, green, and gold. I was just having a hard time picturing it.

Here is the dress the day my bridesmaids tried it on (sorry about the cut-off head… but I don’t want to post people’s faces on my blog if I haven’t asked their permission):

And here are the dresses in the right colors, looking AMAZING:

They match the peacock feathers perfectly! I am so glad that we decided to go with three colors. They look cohesive without being so matchy-matchy. The girls are going to get them shortened to knee-length, and I cannot wait to see them all done, shortened, and pressed!

Everything is really coming together now and hopefully coming up I’ll have lots more posts about the progress I’ve made!

We’re pet people.

There is really no better way to describe it than saying, we are pet people. B was a cat person. I was a dog person. Now we’re both pet people.

I really can’t imagine a time where we won’t have at least a couple pets. They absolutely crack us up on a daily basis… and not in an “oh that’s funny” kind of way. In a crying-because-I’m-laughing-so-hard kind of way.

I have 232 photos on my iPhone. I haven’t counted, but I’d wage a bet that about 200 of those are of our pets. So I thought I’d share some of them with you today.

This is Milo and Stew. They have a complicated relationship. For the first four months we lived here Milo was TERRIFIED of Stew and would just hide. All the time. Then one day he’d had enough and he started fighting back when Stew would bark at him. He’d come at Stew paws a’ flying, and since then our home has been much more peaceful. But sometimes Stew gets a bug up his butt about Milo and feels the need to bark at him again, and thats when things like this happen.

This absolutely cracked me up because the chest that Stew jumped up on is at least 2 feet high. And not a normal place for a dog to chill.

Speaking of chilling… Milo is pretty much king of it. He can chill-ax with the best of ’em.

Stew might not be the king of chillaxing… but he is a king…

I don’t even have a place to take him on Halloween… the costume was just way too cute not to buy. Damn you Target.

We also have Cali… but she is still pretty scared of Stew and doesn’t interact with the rest of us too much yet. But she is making progress… the other day she actually laid in the kitchen for a few hours rather than sticking to her usual spot in the basement.

Some day she’ll get over the fact that she lives with a dog now, and join the rest of the family. The rest of us all get along pretty well. For example, this is how we watch tv.

She can’t resist us forever. Unless maybe she just doesn’t like True Blood? Nah… everyone likes True Blood. She’ll come around.

The reason I wrote this post though, was our morning. I’m not what you’d call a “morning person,” by which I mean if you talk to me before 9am I probably want to shoot you. But Stew had us laughing so hard we were crying at 7:30am, and that is just impressive. Here is what happened.

Alarm goes off at 7:30. B and I do the usual round of cussing. Stew starts barking “OMG guys its MORNING. Get UP. Get UP. OMG so EXCITING!!!”. argggghhh. Then he starts nosing his football around, and accidentally pushes it off the bed. He hops off to get it and we’re grateful for 30 seconds sans barking so we can enjoy our snooze.

We hear the usual scuffling and grunting as he tries to get the football out from under the bed, and then we hear the football squeak and we know he’s succeeded in getting it. Except….

There is still scuffling and grunting. And squeaking. And more. We lay there and listen for a few minutes before I finally roll over to see what the issue is, and I don’t see Stew. I tell B to look on his side of the bed, no Stew. WTF?

I roll off the bed and…..

Excuse the crappy quality picture but it was still dark because… 730, ya know?

Yep. Stew got stuck. Under our bed. As you can see, there is only about 8-10 inches between our side rail and the floor. And Stew’s ass is bigger than that. Yet somehow he managed to squuuuueeeeeze himself under the bed to get the football. And then he got stuck. And couldn’t get out.

And when I tried to help him get out?

He got PISSED. At this point I am laying on the floor laughing my ass off, B is on the bed super confused about what is going on and still partially asleep. And this is where I made an error. I should have run right then to grab my camera to take video of what was about to happen… but I was too busy laughing. By the time I pulled it together to go get the camera and got back, it was just about over.

He managed to un-stuck himself with monumental effort, flailing, and grunting… and it was truly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Is it wrong that I kinda hope he does it again so I can get it on video?

I (heart) our pets.

My new favorite picture of B

We’re coffee drinking people. Every morning I make a pot, pour myself a mug, and B takes a travel mug to work. We have 4 travel mugs always before the 4th day of the week he remembers to bring them all home to wash, no problem.

But he’s had a long week. His supposedly 45 hour/week job is looking like its going to be closer to 60 hours this week and he’s tired. So Monday he forgot to bring his mug home. And then Tuesday. And then Wednesday.

On Thursday he was forced to take the lowly fourth mug he hates. And still? Forgot to bring his mugs home.

But 60 hour work weeks require caffeine so what did he do this morning?

Plastic water bottle + oven mitt = travel mug for coffee. LOVE.

Scenes from our household

**Last night, as we’re getting into bed**

B: I’m feeling really confused today. Torn. Kind of empty inside.

Me: Did something happen?

B: The Patriots traded Moss to the Vikings…. I just don’t know how to feel. I mean I still like Moss and he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s no Lebron, but can I still root for him? The Vikings? I’m so torn about this…

Me: ….

B: This situation hasn’t happened to me before. He was my favorite jersey. Do I still wear it on game day?

Me: I kind of thought you had a serious problem you wanted to discuss…

B: This IS serious!

Me: Goodnight.

Fall is here!

And you know what that means?

Spicy Turkey Chili! I actually mentioned to my mom that I was feeling like chili since the weather got cool and it turns out she is making it now tonight too… shame we don’t live near each other or one of us wouldn’t have to cook! I followed my same basic recipe but I used hot italian turkey sausage instead of ground turkey… we’ll see how it turns out!

I also made my Creamy Jello Pie for dessert. I love that I can make it in under 10 minutes and it is SO good.

Doesn’t look like much… but trust me! I shook things up this time a bit by using a chocolate graham crust instead of the original. I did strawberry as the flavor for the filling… I’m betting it is going to be awesome!

So, that is what is going on in my house this Wednesday, what are you making for dinner?

Side note: I’ve noticed a trend in the past few months since I got my iphone. The positive is that I’m taking more pictures because it is super easy to take them and get them online. The negative side is that iphone photos kind of suck. Oh well…