The Jewelry

Okay so I’ve got the dress and the shoes… now for the jewelry! Just as a refresher, my dress has a bit of bling up top:

Because of that I didn’t want to wear a necklace because I thought it would make me look too busy. Plus, by not wearing a necklace I feel that I can go a little bigger and bolder with my earring and bracelet choices.

I’ve never been a “subtle” jewelry kind of girl. I wear big earrings in my everyday life, so classy drop earrings were not going to cut it for me. The problem though was that if I wanted big sparkly earrings they would have to be costume jewelry (because um… I don’t have a few hundred thousand to drop on diamond earrings as big as I’d want them!). But wearing something from claires just seemed wrong to me…. so I found a good compromise: Etsy!

After a few days of searching I came across these awesome swarovsky crystal earrings hand made by Lizardi Bridal:

I ordered them and tried them on:

Please excuse the weird facial expression and lack of makeup… its kinda hard to take a picture of yourself without a mirror!

Anyways… love! So the earrings were pretty easy.

I’ve been having a hard time with the bracelet though. I wanted something big and sparkly… but not too chunky and not too expensive. Most of the costume jewelry I was finding at the mall looked really cheap, and most of the stuff I found on etsy was more than I wanted to pay.

Then a few days ago I was shopping with a friend at Express and came across this set:

It is hard to tell in the picture but they’re actually really sparkly in person. I kind of like that there are three separate bangles because it gives me the width I was looking for without being so boxy like a lot of other cuff bracelets I’ve seen…. but I’m not 100% on them.

Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “The Jewelry

  1. Your earrings are amazing!! They are really fun and match your dress perfectly. As for the bracelets, a little plain but your dress has a lot of bling so I think they will complement perfectly. Nice work! Accessories, check!

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