We’re pet people.

There is really no better way to describe it than saying, we are pet people. B was a cat person. I was a dog person. Now we’re both pet people.

I really can’t imagine a time where we won’t have at least a couple pets. They absolutely crack us up on a daily basis… and not in an “oh that’s funny” kind of way. In a crying-because-I’m-laughing-so-hard kind of way.

I have 232 photos on my iPhone. I haven’t counted, but I’d wage a bet that about 200 of those are of our pets. So I thought I’d share some of them with you today.

This is Milo and Stew. They have a complicated relationship. For the first four months we lived here Milo was TERRIFIED of Stew and would just hide. All the time. Then one day he’d had enough and he started fighting back when Stew would bark at him. He’d come at Stew paws a’ flying, and since then our home has been much more peaceful. But sometimes Stew gets a bug up his butt about Milo and feels the need to bark at him again, and thats when things like this happen.

This absolutely cracked me up because the chest that Stew jumped up on is at least 2 feet high. And not a normal place for a dog to chill.

Speaking of chilling… Milo is pretty much king of it. He can chill-ax with the best of ’em.

Stew might not be the king of chillaxing… but he is a king…

I don’t even have a place to take him on Halloween… the costume was just way too cute not to buy. Damn you Target.

We also have Cali… but she is still pretty scared of Stew and doesn’t interact with the rest of us too much yet. But she is making progress… the other day she actually laid in the kitchen for a few hours rather than sticking to her usual spot in the basement.

Some day she’ll get over the fact that she lives with a dog now, and join the rest of the family. The rest of us all get along pretty well. For example, this is how we watch tv.

She can’t resist us forever. Unless maybe she just doesn’t like True Blood? Nah… everyone likes True Blood. She’ll come around.

The reason I wrote this post though, was our morning. I’m not what you’d call a “morning person,” by which I mean if you talk to me before 9am I probably want to shoot you. But Stew had us laughing so hard we were crying at 7:30am, and that is just impressive. Here is what happened.

Alarm goes off at 7:30. B and I do the usual round of cussing. Stew starts barking “OMG guys its MORNING. Get UP. Get UP. OMG so EXCITING!!!”. argggghhh. Then he starts nosing his football around, and accidentally pushes it off the bed. He hops off to get it and we’re grateful for 30 seconds sans barking so we can enjoy our snooze.

We hear the usual scuffling and grunting as he tries to get the football out from under the bed, and then we hear the football squeak and we know he’s succeeded in getting it. Except….

There is still scuffling and grunting. And squeaking. And more. We lay there and listen for a few minutes before I finally roll over to see what the issue is, and I don’t see Stew. I tell B to look on his side of the bed, no Stew. WTF?

I roll off the bed and…..

Excuse the crappy quality picture but it was still dark because… 730, ya know?

Yep. Stew got stuck. Under our bed. As you can see, there is only about 8-10 inches between our side rail and the floor. And Stew’s ass is bigger than that. Yet somehow he managed to squuuuueeeeeze himself under the bed to get the football. And then he got stuck. And couldn’t get out.

And when I tried to help him get out?

He got PISSED. At this point I am laying on the floor laughing my ass off, B is on the bed super confused about what is going on and still partially asleep. And this is where I made an error. I should have run right then to grab my camera to take video of what was about to happen… but I was too busy laughing. By the time I pulled it together to go get the camera and got back, it was just about over.

He managed to un-stuck himself with monumental effort, flailing, and grunting… and it was truly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Is it wrong that I kinda hope he does it again so I can get it on video?

I (heart) our pets.


6 thoughts on “We’re pet people.

  1. Corgiiiiiiii! My fellow waiting bee! How are you?! Missed your cute face, ha! I found you, though, so no worries. It’s KMSull, btw. Just with a different handle. Time for a change and all that 🙂 Adding you to my RSS- don’t be a stranger!

  2. Haha! Awesome…Yesterday my FI asked me if I “seriously had 657 pictures on my iPhone”
    Yep, all of my dog 😀

  3. Thanks all!
    @Mrscummingsrx- I love frenchies! Trying to talk FI into getting one as our next dog. How cute would a frenchie and a corgi look walking down the street?!

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