It’s my birthday!

Today I’m 26! Which doesn’t really seem that significant aside from the fact that it means I turned 16 a decade ago. A DECADE. That seems kinda crazy.

On my 16th birthday I had a bonfire. I don’t really remember that much about it other than it was pretty small, just my (first) boyfriend and a few friends. Kind of weird to think I’ve been dating for a decade too…

Bonfires, I think, are the best part of living in the country. I grew up in a pretty rural area and our house was on a few acres that included a large lawn, a field, and some woods. We had a permanent bonfire bit back next to where the field and the woods converged… it was awesome! There aren’t many bonfires out in the ‘burbs.

For my 16th birthday my big gift from my parents was a Canon Rebel 35mm SLR camera. I had learned how to shoot on my dad’s 70s minolta, but that had gotten a light leak and my parents decided it was time for an upgrade. My first REAL SLR camera… that had no idea what they were getting me addicted to! I have no idea what my boyfriend got me… its entirely possible he didn’t get me anything!

Fast forward five years to my 21st birthday, and I was in my first year of law school. I had class the next morning, and you do NOT miss class your first semester of law school, so my birthday was pretty tame. We went to a local bar and drank a bit (legally) and I think I was home by 1am. I have no idea what my parents got me. My then-boyfriend got me a watch from fossil.

And now I’m 26! We went home to celebrate with my parents this past weekend and my parents got me a flipcam– yay! I had asked for a flipcam to use for your wedding. I know a lot of people consider a videographer to be essential… but the bottom line is that it isn’t in the budget. And really… having video of our wedding (even if it isn’t artfully perfect) is enough for me. (Especially for less than 10% of the price of a videographer– crazy!). So I asked for a flipcam, which I will ask someone to use to tape our ceremony and first dance. The bonus is that we get to keep the flipcam and can use it for our honeymoon, future vacations, and lots of videos of the crazy pets. I’m super excited about it!

No idea what B is doing for me yet. He told me he has something planned for after work tonight, but I’d asked him to keep spending down on this birthday so it might just be a quiet dinner in and a movie. We’ll see! Tomorrow night a friend (bridesmaid A) is setting up a dinner at my favorite restaurant…. queso and margaritas? Hell yea!

Year 25 treated me pretty well. I was engaged, bought a house, moved in with B, started planning a wedding, and bought a car. In my 26th year I’ll get married, go to Hawaii (post upcoming!), work on making our house a home, and try to enjoy what I hope will be a less busy first year as newlyweds!


2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!


    And yay for the flipcam! Jack and I each had video cameras with us on the day of the wedding (we didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle), and our bridesmaids and groomsmen shot a bunch of random film of us getting ready/setting up/hanging out before the ceremony. It’s some great stuff! And one of Jack’s uncles videotaped our ceremony for us, which I’m so grateful we have. It’s so nice to look back and actually be able to SEE everything that happened.

    I hope you have an amazing birthday, lady! Have a margarita for me! 🙂

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