The guys…

They say that daughters always marry guys like their fathers… which I guess makes it a really good thing that my dad is awesome.

In a lot of ways, B and my dad are nothing alike. My dad never went to college, he started off mowing grass for the local metroparks and worked his way up over the course of his career to run the facilities/operations side of one of the larger metroparks where I grew up. He then semi-retired and went to work as a consultant for a contracting firm. What I’m getting at here is that my dad spends his days outside, in jeans and a hardhat, and often gets his hands dirty. He’s a guy’s guy. He fixes sinks, builds decks, changes his own oil, and wouldn’t know Michael Kors from Cole Haan if his life depended on it.

B is a corporate accountant with a one of the biggest companies in our city and the dirtiest he gets during the day is if he spills coffee on himself on the way to work (which he does a LOT. and its pretty funny). He could not fix a sink, or a car, or build… most things. He’d kind of rather pay someone else to do that stuff for us. And he definitely knows the difference between his Michael Kors watch and his Cole Haan shoes… he cares about these things.

On the surface the only things they seem to have in common is a Y chromosome, and a joint love of football, poker, and golf. But really? They’re just the same. They’re both very sweet, thoughtful people who would do anything to make my mom and I happy.*** Case in point, my birthday!

Around 3pm I was chatting with my mom as she was driving home from work, and she told me that my dad had flowers delivered to her office with a note thanking her for having me (that’s right, he got her flowers on my birthday… cue *aww*). It totally made her day. Then, as we’re chatting my doorbell rings and what do I find?

He sent me flowers too! Seriously, so sweet.

Then yesterday evening I got a text from B that he didn’t think he was going to be able to leave work until about 7pm. Then another text… maybe it’d be close to 7:30 when he left… I was seriously bummed.

Until about 6:30 when the doorbell rang again… wtf? Who comes to see me unannounced at 6:30? B! He wanted to surprise me so he got off of work early and went to the grocery store to get all the things to make me Chicken Parmesan. Which is sweet not only because he never cooks (like he had to ask me how to turn on the oven because he hasn’t used it since we moved in… in January)… but also because Chicken Parmesan was the first meal he made me when we started dating. B, hard at work:

And the BEST part was that it turned out amazing! It was like… restaurant-good!

So what I’m getting at here is that a) I had an awesome birthday and b) I’m glad that I’m marrying a guy who is like my dad in every way that counts.

***Another quick story that doesn’t really fit in with my birthday… but I love to tell it anyways because I don’t get to brag on my dad enough. When I was younger… I want to say maybe middle school… my dad got the sweetest birthday gift EVER for my mom. See, we’d taken family vacations with some regularity but never anywhere too exciting. We’d go to Kentucky or the mountains of New York or to North Carolina. And my parents I don’t think had ever taken a real vacation without us kids… their honeymoon was 2 days in Newark, Ohio because my dad had to work the Tuesday after their wedding and by the next summer my brother was born.

My dad REALLY wanted to take my mom on a great vacation, but the bottom line was that they couldn’t afford it at that point in time… so he decided the second-best thing was to send her on a really amazing vacation, even if he couldn’t go. He talked her best friend into taking the trip with her (so she would have fun and be with somebody, but then my dad was only paying for 1 person not 2), and sent her to the Bahamas for a week! He planned it all out with plane tickets, resort reservations, and excursions. He then drew her a “comic book” called “***’s Excellent Adventure”, which showed her getting onto a plane, going to the Bahamas, and having tons of fun there. Seriously… how sweet! (And as a post script to this story… my parents have since managed to take vacations together to Vegas, a Caribbean cruise, an Alaskan Cruise, San Francisco, Sedona, and this summer they are headed to Europe– I am so happy they can finally take these trips together!)


One thought on “The guys…

  1. So sweet. You lucked out with your dad, and you picked a great one with B. I hope your birthday was excellent, but with guys like them around, how could it not be?!

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