DIY Math…

So you’re moderately crafty and you want to save some money on your wedding? Make your own invites! Except making plain single page invites would be like, totally boring right? So you should probably come up with something really creative to do… like a 5 layer booklet held together with an eyelet. You’re only going to need like 67 invites, how time consuming could this be? A little print, cut, and assemble… no problemo.



For the record, I’m still totally glad that I’m making my own invites because
1) I have the time to do it (let it be known I’m making them about eight weeks earlier than I plan to send them because I don’t want to feel rushed)
2) they’re going to be super super cute
3) they’re going to be cheaper than buying even boring plain invites online
4) in some weird way this stuff is still kinda fun. sort of. in a “I hate this but I’m still kind of enjoying myself” way…

I’m weird.

So anyways… this easy-peasy afternoon project of mine? Here’s how its adding up:

Cards per invite: 5
Number of 8.5×11 pages printed: 140 sides + mistakes
Number of mistakes: a lot
Number of times my printer screwed up: 3
Number of ink cartridges used: 2
Number of cuts made to cut out the cards: 1,190
Number of corners rounded: 1,680
Number of blisters from corner puncher and 1/4″ hole punch: TBD
Number of hours spent thus far: 11
Number of hours to completion: estimated 6-8

So consider this a PSA… don’t DIY your own invites unless you really have the time and care enough to spend it doing this.

Next up (well… maybe not next, but soon): Invite reveal and instructions!


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