The Look

Okay so you’ve seen my dress, shoes, jewelry… you would think that I would have run out of things to talk about in regard to my wedding day appearance. But, you’d be wrong. There are, of course, the matters of hair and makeup. Simultaneously important (because this is, after all, the most I’ll ever be photographed in MY LIFE), and hard to commit to (not a product you can buy and be done with, but rather an “inspiration” you need to try to execute).

Anyways……….. I’ve decided! (I think!) As means of reminder… here’s me at B’s mom’s wedding a few weeks ago:

For makeup I decided on a more professional version of my basic everyday makeup. This includes a natural pink lip, flushed cheeks, black eyeliner and mascara, and gold eyeshadow. A more natural version of the eyes in the pic below, and the lips/cheeks of of “Joan” (any Mad Men fans out there?)

Little did I know that makeup was the easy part. I’ll spare you the days, weeks, MONTHS of indecision and the thousand emails between myself, my mother and my MOH, regarding my hair. At the end of the day, I’ve decided to purchase clip in hair extensions to give me some extra length (yay!) and to go for this look:

Yes, I realize that the front/back are two different people… but its pretty rare to get multiple angles of a hairstyle online… work with me!

The last step of the process is accessories. For the ceremony I’ll wear a fingertip length veil like this one:

Mine might be slightly different because my mom is actually making me a veil using the material from her own veil! How cool, right? But anyways… this is what we’re going for.

And last but not least, a headband! I’m so excited that I’m going to be a “headband bride.” I know its totally trendy right now, but whatever. I love headbands and so does B. I think he’s going to be super excited that I’m wearing one for our wedding day. I’m not 100% sure whether I’ll wear it for the ceremony, or if I’ll just slip it on after I take the veil off, but that decision can be made after my hair trial. I’m 99% on this headband, although I’ve yet to order it:

Please excuse the exceedingly creepy giant Barbie head.

And there you have it! My wedding day look, head to toe. Who knew how many decisions could be made about one’s appearance for ONE day?


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